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1. Edwardian style

external image facades_004.jpgexternal image 1900-1915-edwardian-and-federation.jpg

2. Index to Heritage Gardens

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3. Queenslander Tropical styles

Ornate Boom style with gazebos echoing Queen Anne style
Ornate Boom style with gazebos echoing Queen Anne style

4. Federation Colours

FEDERATION (Queen Anne) 1900 - 1910


external image HeritageFederation700x210WEB.jpg

Heritage Federation

5. Interwar Old English Style

external image h1xbgpZYFBq9w5cBOIPXErQe6IJBFLeFDwnbVzoazWCT4dEf1Y0H1S2LfDKBirRJVmck66h5v2-YMBqzYYPsJVODORk0snaZ334qhD0uQEbsI-pyubnS8UcvRzmhWiQocQYM9FH5uLM7Cfq52D71JHhwuOR3IoaHdyzPojU7hVmnzoa9g6mFaINXDFsMOt8gysuWIoIq5iFOwbXwwXlur_G8IyFRPQ6VjATTngwTv-RGsHvqh5CSVEYlVbbFGbbCXChagOB9wuvybohfXETT2ylUR6h8W2ahKDwKYID4XUJtGR16c_aO3h6AZp4enGJSPs_bj6RcsDouljWq1meUHNLdLJ4LxsYoRsx3vlzQ6uGIYFvONRHtoQakID1BDH8tR-132ST3Z2foSfSFIbnJ5OVkwgXAjx49x37-b4pvF_AnrwhhuWuVD8OgANnEcU0v9NHkkE4uQLBlMe5nziu5TCZVWSAhujrnIppX_Norus4d56UhwelS6Ju3FnJWdT1AOt-2jkOogq5pmEDDvbz2m8Igy8_NN-DrnuwGV0THfAnpJNy9uyg72JxmEH_zwYUSrk7ujgdN3WufwcvogO6MwQvpoQXHkQF1McWB3e6Rouw=w300-h195-no external image B_DHlLOQHegkvlg7avsHVPLks6B1A3x0PSt_yiMnuqO88AIfGg4EkOdceKJqfXeGU7dPsBc1vF9o23cquST8YHWiqg6h_OGyqvBksWsQUDd5rDNWFwVsgNtSL7GO1ii6IqBnpeRFB0hdT65F0NjJ9vW8dF-E0kR5dO61vo6dKepInBclwm7bE5CefywcX_nMyN7rdozXkEsx-L4f6J6sIAEIzOCrgP3ST9URHsv5a4j1-PvhGgPpeT3Bj7VZ3DONOYBwvdnlYtxr3uHlG6wFoQjXplJMMQlfU0m4vH7XSJ3WayjQV8zBxRCWEA96o2EDhxIC3-LxuPd4lQqFiA4hjxTv1Mk7j56cIL_YY3CpC0YEpj9RgN0d0YWr3uJVPFXivgubJnxFZrPHEKzbW9DtDXjWxuwN_3CYro4OYM8dZtnu95cWokTDHQO1XSN5fDaqHXB3dC1n-399nzAQXCCQnUrN7bm9ZZyojzDih6Ol2LSEyZljUHHJERT0dNQB9VhlU69fL_XF7OFt0fzej5DQokjj7rXE2GyGQ0V5wTF9r-doz2rLRmoGCWWye0reivKSxpMrDbv82zX5pPRuG-e41aE7ySYeVI64692oR2HUuy8kch6_CUgXzA=w220-h165-no
"... it is in (our) domestic architecture that our architects have made their richest contribution."
- from Barry Humphries' Forward to National Trust: Our Interwar Houses (1991)

6. Federation Gardens

Strathfield008_edited.JPG external image b3VSEe95Phm1p0ZTwTOC_Aw896k8K5VuTyIbVYyz11d9xWtpgBRD649ExA8t0t7N_vIHVt4dlRtHQahXr7WvKzZkFRlFyN6lmVU4ughQkoP_LBpm8WvY-spLLkg6wqSvtq8r_XlUtiivLdr7rTAurKSnwH36xo1Z3HGcLn0bNiZtLxfX0nrNwv93Zj9HVDocJYWXVB6c1TAmD7ZAPFOhbAUmGk0Y62JzG1OQsF95fFxT-cmQ9WMP9D-9_Wd20G8ATm27Pp7-FLFwl_tNY4JywjTBIEGuBoivn4N2b74y2-3lNZ3sVD-z8YOuUbt-Gy3COACsKfDqOqHTyheEKk18iYmyZjZ_orScaEOsMyJP7uIQHCo0XT9p-L9J0vU-q2XLVRhJbgprkubznrr7S3tBTfuU42IAJzHTI0vPVIjiuAj_fRM4p93c4Z2THirY93onlOO1q-jN1LAMluMdDifDJmG8juDvWa8QXnmAkDxE5x2ShMMtYMYLVhm8LEHyiLTjxLrdjZUaxB2tiYublouBBABOU9MHtWnMKIQfA27pVF73dTSyxeFGdNv6ZDlVlRuyOKQgUAjBuPA6xvMdjijq5XP4wp0-2W-eD_leFWmw8K8=w460-h613-no

7. Mount Macedon VIC

Hanging Rock and Mt Macedon
Hanging Rock and Mt Macedon

The towns around Mount Macedon were established during the Victorian gold rush, 1851- late-1860s, and were "ten-mile" stops on the routes between Melbourne and the Victorian goldfields.
In the 1870s, the beauty and coolness of the slopes began to attract members of Melbourne's wealthy social elite and the government released some blocks on the south side of the mountain to the landed and business classes.
  • Consequently a number of grand Victorian homes were established (including one for the state governor) as summer residences. During the 1870s Mount Macedon became a summer 'Hill station' resort for these wealthy Melburnians.
  • The timber industry had so denuded the entire mountain ranges, that in 1872, the Government saw the need to establish Macedon State Nursery, to encourage the replanting of the mountain and to supply seedlings to all parts of Victoria. This nursery employed many of the former timber industry workers.

9. Index of all Homes

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10. Timeline Index of Homes

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11. Federation Bathrooms

Traditional with tiling
Traditional with tiling

Traditional Claw-foot tub
Traditional Claw-foot tub

Traditional tapware
Traditional tapware

Original leadlight window
Original leadlight window

  • The invention of the enameled clawfoot tub by Kohler Co in 1883 replaced temporary tin tubs with permanent fixtures. Edwardian bathrooms featured oval-shaped clawfoot tubs with an even rolled trim all the way around, like the Roll Top Cast Iron Clawfoot from Elizabethan Classics for example.
  • Bathrooms were still large and made for family use during this period, but were very much in line with the overall aesthetic of cleanliness.

12. Cosy Federation Interiors

7 Gipps Street Drummoyne NSW showing a cosy Edwardian style sitting room
7 Gipps Street Drummoyne NSW showing a cosy Edwardian style sitting room

Here I outline the Cosiness that Federation architecture introduced to the people of Australia in their own homes:
After the heaviness, clutter and dark colours of Victorian interiors, people wanted something new and cheerful. Edwardian style was a breath of fresh air for the English.[2] In Australia this corresponds to the Federation period.

Federation style homes were the first cosy suburban and city homes, run without servants, and cosy because all previous styles, including Victorian, used formal or even severe interior styling, meant for show, for receiving and entertaining visitors.
  • The ornamental arch or timber frieze over a doorway symbolizes the entrance to family rooms from formal rooms;
  • The front parlour in a terrace house is a hang-over from that Victorian style, rarely used but perfectly formal, should you wish to parlez with an important guest.

13. Federation Fretwork

Wooden fretwork designs suitable for Edwardian, Federation, Victorian and Californian bungalow houses
Wooden fretwork designs suitable for Edwardian, Federation, Victorian and Californian bungalow houses

14. Point Piper Federation
Point Piper's Altona sails into second place with $60 million sale to Huang family
Point Piper's Altona sails into second place with $60 million sale to Huang family

Lucy Macken October 11, 2014
If anyone needed reminding where Australia's most expensive suburb is they need only look at five sales this year. Every sale above $30 million in 2014 has been in Point Piper, with most of the action centred on just one street.
  • Wolseley Road, which has been ranked as one of the world's most expensive streets, has claimed four of the five top sales this year, totalling $135 million, with buyers drawn in by those iconic, gun-barrel harbour views.

  • This week's sale of about $39 million in Point Piper set a new high for 2014 and an all-round nationwide non-waterfront record, eclipsing the $32.4 million paid in 2008 two doors away by Chinese princeling Zeng Wei and his wife Jiang Mei.

Altona, the quietened former Sydney harbourfront party home in Point Piper, has new owners.
No price disclosure but Altona was offered as likely to fetch $60 million plus, so the sale fell short of the Sydney record set when the casino tycoon James Packer secured $70 million at Vaucluse last year.

15. Index by Style

Styles featured in Index by Style

19th Century Designs:

  1. Gothic Revival
  2. Elizabethan Revival ('Tudor')
  3. Queen Anne
  4. Gothic Queen Anne
  5. Gothic Queenslander
  6. Early Federation Queen Anne
  7. Early Arts and Crafts
  8. Queen Anne with Elizabethan/Tudor
  9. Federation Filigree, Queenslander
  10. Arts and Crafts Shingle style

20th Century Designs

  1. Federation Arts and Crafts
  2. Federation Queen Anne
  3. Federation Filigree Queenslander
  4. Edwardian
  5. Federation Bungalow
  6. English Arts and Crafts
  7. Bungalow style
  8. Interwar Arts and Crafts
  9. Inter-War Georgian Revival
  10. Interwar Prairie Style
  11. Old English Style
  12. Queenslander Porch and Gable
  13. Tudor Revival
  14. Storybook Tudor

16. Architect Robert Hamilton

Taunton Flats
Taunton Flats

Architect Robert Hamilton was recognised as the foremost practitioner in th Old English style, designing large and impeccably detailed houses and luxury flats. In fact, Robert Hamilton was the pre-eminent designer of flats, particularly in his trademark Old English style, in Toorak and South Yarra in the 1930s.

According to Cuffley (2007:114) while Hamilton possessed a deep affection for romantic styles in architecture he had a 'practical and inventive talent and was capable of working in a range of styles and to any scale'.

Nonetheless Hamilton is remembered best for his Old English style flats and commercial buildings constructed in Toorak and South Yarra.
  • Cuffley (2007:115-6) cites a 1934 article in Art in Australia:

17. Federation Furniture



The concave buttonned padded back, arms and seat covered in grey and cream

Monogrammed Howard & Sons printed cotton, on ring-turned tapering legs with brass caps and castors

Christies Auction realised £4,000
A superb quality antique rosewood inlaid Edwardian dressing / window / piano stool, circa 1901 - Price: £695
• Wood: Rosewood & Satinwood
• Profuse floral inlay to front and back
• String inlay to all sides & legs
• Splayed legs
• Connecting stretcher
• Recently re-upholstered
• Silk damask & pale yellow fabric

18. Federation Bungalow style

Federation Bungalow, Rathmore, Rokeby,
Camberwell VIC built 1891
Appian Way, Burwood, New South Wales
Casa Tasso, Appian Way, Burwood, New South Wales

19. Art Nouveau and Federation style

Art Nouveau Elements

You can identify Art Nouveau style art and architecture by looking for some specific elements.[3]
  • Flowing Lines: Art Nouveau is characterized by graceful, sinuous lines. The lines are rarely angular.
  • Violent Curves: Some artists referred to the curves in Art Nouveau works as whiplash curves. Rhythmic patterns of curvy lines are characteristic of this art style. These curvy lines connect the images in the art and can even be found in beautified plain items, such as dishes, eating utensils, hardware and furniture.
  • Organic Subject Matter: You'll find plenty of flowers, leaves, vines, grass, seaweed, insects and other organic images in Art Nouveau jewelry, hardware, windows and architecture. Examples include images of birds etched into window frames or curled around each other on fabric for upholstery, or abstract lilies drifting around and connecting to each other on dinnerware.
  • New Materials: Instead of classic gemstones, Art Nouveau jewelers opted to work with opals and semiprecious stones. Glass art reached a new level of popularity as Louis Comfort Tiffany and Charles Rennie Mackintosh took interest in the new art style. Molded glass, animal horns and ivory tusks became commonly used materials.
external image 170px-Immeuble_rue_de_l%27%C3%A9glise_d%C3%A9tail_Porte.jpg
Art Nouveau is rarely so fully in control of architecture: doorway at place Etienne Pernet, 24 (Paris 15e), 1905 Alfred Wagon, architect.
external image 170px-CasaBatllo_0170.JPG
The Casa Batlló, already built in 1877, was remodelled in the Barcelona manifestation of Art Nouveau, modernisme, by Antoni Gaudí and Josep Maria Jujol during 1904–1906
external image 200px-Casa_Arte_Nova_Aveiro_by_Henrique_Matos_02.jpg
Art Nouveau House in Aveiro, Portugal

20. Federation Styles Timeline 1900-1915

20th Century Designs

  1. Federation Queen Anne: Harelands 1903, The Gables 1905, Cooinda 1905, Harleston Firs 1905, Ballernoo 1906, Croydon 1907, 27 Kinkora Road Hawthorn 1907, Sandon 1908, Dunleigh 1909, Dragonfels 1912.
  2. Edwardian: Essendon 1910
  3. Federation Arts and Crafts: Waimea 1909
  4. Federation Free Style: Lugano 1910

Federation Architects listed

The Most Popular Houses of 2017

1. Character Houses

*Original features of character homes

  • Character buildings can be defined by a number of criteria.[6]
    Character porch details
    Character porch details
  • Your home is most likely a character building if it was constructed before 1940 and has character features such as authentic or period...
    1. massing (grouping of windows, or of filigree timberwork),
    2. period roof form,
    3. period front porch,
    4. authentic exterior wall materials,
    5. authentic window openings, frames and details.

Character Merit Checklist

  • as used by City of Vancouver, Canada[7]
    • Original roof form
    • Original open front porch or verandah
    • Original (timber) cladding
    • Period windows (50% or more), original location, size and shape
    • Original window casings or trim (50% or more)
    • Period details or decorative elements (e.g. two or more brackets, beams, joist ends)
    • Other period features (e.g. porch, roof, foundation)

2. Blackwood, Western Victoria

external image 220px-Wightwick_Manor_02.jpg
external image 12.jpg
Wightwick Manor, March 2005, built 1887(Pronounced 'Wittick') is one of only a few surviving examples of a house built and furnished under the influence of the Arts and Crafts movement
The Garden Front, Walnut Tree Farm by C. F. A. Voysey. Before 1897Walnut Tree Farm was designed in the summer of 1890 for R H Cazalet at Castlemorton in Worcestershire UK and plans and elevations were published in the British Architect in September and October 1890,[3]

3. Purrumbete Homestead, Camperdown

Purrumbete, with its Walter Withers farming murals, sold in Victoria's Western Districts
By Jonathan Chancellor, Thursday, 14 February 2013
external image Purrumbete%2520Garden.jpg
external image Purrumbete%2520Garden.jpg

"The sale comes nine months after being relisted with a $6 million asking price, which was then revised to $5.5 million. Andrew Rice at Charles Stewart Geelong has advised the sale, with undisclosed sales price, on the agency website.
4. Bellevue Hill Heritage

5. Mosman Merchant Mansions

6. Hunter's Hill Heritage

7. Toorak Mansions

8. Armidale Federation Heritage

9. Darling Point NSW Heritage

10. Burradoo NSW Heritage

Most Viewed Heritage Architects of 2017

1. Architect Robert Hamilton

2. Architect Cedric Ballantyne

3. Architect Harold Desbrowe-Annear

Interwar Old English Styles
Interwar Old English Styles

Interwar Old English Styles

All of these houses, mansions and flats were built in, or nearby, Toorak, are architect-designed, and have now been heritage assessed as Locally Significant Buildings

"... it is in (our) domestic architecture that our architects have made their richest contribution."
- from Barry Humphries' Forward to
National Trust: Our Interwar Houses (1991)