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Federation Mansions of NSW
Federation Mansions of NSW

These beautiful heritage buildings are works of Art.
They are known by their own names, and are mixed media masterpieces often with fancy brickwork, fine tiling, polished floorboards, with at best, parquetry flooring, with complex skilled joinery, and artistic embellishments such as ornate ceilings and beautiful artisan lead light windows, and all with a valued heritage.
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Berith Park, Wahroonga NSW
Berith Park, Wahroonga NSW

Clevedon, 31 Wharf Road Birchgrove, NSW
Clevedon, 31 Wharf Road Birchgrove, NSW

Clevedon was Australia’s top weekend auction sale (Dec 2017)
Clevedon was Australia’s top weekend auction sale (Dec 2017)

Point Piper Fairwater mansion to be for all of us?

"Lady (Mary) Fairfax had stated publicly that she planned to bequeath the (Federation Style Fairwater) estate to the people of New South Wales when she died." - LUCY MACKEN DOMAIN PRESTIGE REPORTER SEP 19, 2017
external image hrhm1glf5R-46drsYV1EV5M5yzTlB8W9ip0Joa6foCYZSVe84uJ_iJZO3LIJHK4rHCLRXo-cFVv9N6u_uAE=w392-h220-rwexternal image VKd1JDfCzry6-fTu09ZGwIsvCESs1-xKuWtrWn9KWoPlZKSEdt8pR6odul_9El0qIBHmxtI1nBvhakhEwXM=w391-h220-rw

What is 'Federation' or 'Edwardian'?

“The Edwardian era was a significant period in the 1900s in Australia,” says the award-winning architect and director of firm Preston Lane.
  • “There are many such weatherboard and brick Edwardian homes and they have a lot of character. Read more:
  • In 1915, ornate Edwardian houses were considered the height of fashion in Australia.
Eswardian hallway, decorative and white-painted
Eswardian hallway, decorative and white-painted

The architectural period in Australia is also known as Federation because it coincided with the Federation of the Australian states and territories into the Commonwealth of Australia in 1901.

Edwardian architecture draws on elements of Victorian style and Queen Anne revival period of 1895 to 1910.
external image Edwardian.jpgexternal image facades_004.jpg
The terracotta tile or galvanised iron roof is often designed with a steep pitch and the house is usually built of red bricks or weatherboards.

It is likely that it will include timber-framed windows, which often feature leadlighting, and ornate fretwork. In the Australian versions of the English-Edwardian house, you will often find native flora and fauna motifs and geometric designs featured in the stained glass.
Read more about Edwardian Style...
  • The ends of the gable and roof eaves usually have ornate timber brackets.
  • Timber detailing and fretwork is also a distinctive feature.
  • Plaster ceiling roses, cornices and decoratively moulded skirting and architraves are also distinctive design elements from that era.

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Which Federation Style?

Federation Queen Anne Style
external image Queen%20Anne%20animation%201200%20small.gif

Federation Filigree Style
external image Filigree%20Animation%201200%20med.gif
Federation Arts and Crafts
external image Arts%20Crafts%20animation%201200%20small.gif
Federation Bungalow
external image Bungalow%20animation%201200%20small.gif

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What is happening to Tasmanian Heritage?

Tasmanian Heritage - mass deletions from the Tasmanian Heritage Register - read the story here

National Trust Tasmanian Heritage Registers - view the work in progress here

The enduring appeal of Australian Federation architecture

external image jennyheadshot-150x150.jpgJenny Brown
Domain Reporter
9 May 2016
"Federation housing (1888-1919) comes in a variety of sizes – including semi-detached– and in a couple of sub-groups, such as Arts and Crafts, which heritage architect Ian Stapleton of Sydney’s Clive Lucas, Stapleton and Partners, explains as being “usually architect-designed rather than builder-designed”.

Recommended books:
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external image 9781864368154.jpg
external image FedHouse.jpg
external image 9780959492392.jpg
external image 9781875253111.jpg
external image shopping?q=tbn:ANd9GcQYFLHlSn8moFNrAm5HYxk2S-SQB56EprpQRFvHcK_eXv1UX3OSr8eH0k-xrurBkjXxzf3NVgn7&usqp=CAE
external image 9781875253036.jpg
Getting the Details Right
Ian Evans
Towards the Dawn .
Federation Architecture in Australia 1890-1915,
by Trevor Howells and Michael Nicholson,
The Federation House:
Australia's Own Style,
by Hugh Fraser
2nd edition, 2002
The Federation House
A Restoration Guide
by Evans,Ian
3rd edition, 2004
The Federation House
A Restoration Guide
by Evans,Ian 1992
The Federation House
A Restoration Guide
by Evans,Ian 1999
Restoring Australian Houses
Ian Evans
Getting the Details Right: Restoring Australian Houses 1890s-1920s

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external image Animation%252520Leura%252520Bellevue%252520Hill%252520-%252520large.gif

external image Liberty%20Vernon%20animation%20large.gif
external image Alba%20Longa%20Burwood%20animation_q9Zybv.gif

external image Milton%20Park%20animation%20output_W9qCYS.gif

external image Morrow%20de%20Putron%20animation%20output_LyjgCq.gif
external image Desbrowe%20Arch%20lge%20animation.gif
Leura, Bellevue Hill

Architect Walter Liberty Vernon
Alba Longa,
Appian Way Burwood
Milton Park, Bowral
Architects Morrow and De Putron
Architect Harold

Federation architecture refers to the architectural style of Australian homes built around the decades before and after 1900 AD.
There are significant differences:

From Australian Stories Australian architecture:
  • "The ornate Federation house, built mainly between 1900 and 1914, was a sign of prosperity - an Australian version of the English Edwardian house.
  • Federation houses were detached, with gardens, and with Australian motifs and a roof of terracotta tiles with detailed fretwork in the roof gables and windows.
  • Many houses had a sunrise motif in the front gable as a sign of the dawning of a new century.
  • Add-ons and renovations with heritage restraints were a constant experience of living in a federation house.
  • By the First World War (1914-1918), there was a shortage of tradesmen and materials. The cost of houses had to be reduced, so the ceilings were lowered to create 'bungalows', houses which were built between 1915 and 1940. Gone was most of the detail, and a plainer style lead lighting was put into the front windows."

external image jc013328_blackwood_web.jpg
Blackwood House in Melbourne by Butler and Ussher in 1891
external image hood_queenslander_web.jpg
Sam Hood (1872-1953), Family with car &
Queenslander house, 1920's.

external image federation-house_web.jpg
Federation house in Cairns, 1914.
Redleaf House, Wahroonga
Sydney, 1899 by Howard Joseland

Dining Room with Fretwork ArchWestholme, Water Street, Wahroonga 1894 by Howard Joseland
Living room with timber trim, ceilingWestholme, Water Street, Wahroonga 1894 by Howard Joseland
external image 539c.jpg
Fireplace in the Camellia room, Mananga, Berry NSW 1894 by Howard Joseland
external image 539d.jpg
Cast iron restored bath in en suite, Mananga, Berry NSW 1894 by Howard Joseland

Picturesque and eye catching houses

Federation-style houses constitute a unique statement of patriotism since Federation details used Australia's remarkable flora and fauna.
"For the first time, the flowers, birds and animals of the bush were used to decorate plaster, pressed metal, glass, terracotta and fretworked timber. ." Ian Evans "
  • Decorative features such as gables and motifs adorn the roofs of the property.
  • The rising sun emblem that appeared on countless gable ends symbolised the dawn of a new age for Australia and was itself adopted as a national symbol
Leadlight windows are also a common feature and as a result, Federation houses are often very picturesque and eye catching." - Archicentre - see below
  • These rambling homes are regarded as the first design style that embraced the outdoor lifestyle. Blocks were deep to allow for homegrown food cultivation.

Since I live in a Sydney suburb with a rich heritage of these houses, I hope to document the details of these and similar houses in these pages. Eventually I hope this site will be a definitive source of Federation decorative detail.
  • Anyone with similar interests is very welcome to contribute to this topic.
  • You can leave comments on my blog Federation Details. To comment here you need to join this Wiki, please.

Federation Features

The features of Federation style architecture include:
  1. Red brick walls of a deep red or dark brown brick, often with a mix of the two
  2. Exposed rafter ends visible under roofs, a characteristic usually visible, not obscured by gutters
  3. Some times the mortar is 'tuck-pointed" to make a ridge of white mortar running along the joints between the bricks.
  4. Dominant roofs,
    often broken by false gables and capped by terracotta frilled ridges and motifs decorating the exterior of the property.
    Lenoma, (Federation Queen Anne style) 7 Chrystobel Crescent, Hawthorn
  5. Ttimber verandah columns supplemented by elaborate timber decoration, often in art nouveau style -
    "Federation homes are known for their often exuberant timber ornamental decorations.
    Friezes fretwork, balustrades, art nouveau style swirled brackets and arch supports are all common." - Manly Council
  6. Bay windows with shingles, or in large buildings, oriels on upper floors
  7. Leadlight window panes or a set of small coloured glass windows above the main window set.
  8. Low picket fences usually painted white or cream
  9. Large decorative ceilings often of pressed metal or with decorative cornices
  10. Minimal gardens with hedges.
  11. Australiana decorative detail
  12. Outdoor toilets in un-renovated houses
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Federation Domestic features:

A common Federation design designed by builders of the period

Image courtesy Manly Council NSW
HABERFIELD - THE GARDEN SUBURBWHEN Sunday 5 MayTIME 1:30-4pmCOST $10 | Bookings EssentialCONTACT 0412707898 | vacrow@hotmail.comAddress - To be given upon booking.The event will be postponed if there is rain. The creation of the suburb of Haberfield in 1901 was a milestone for the local community, in that it transformed residential development there from a 19th century model to that of a Garden Suburb. This was a milestone for the national community as Haberfield became Australia’s first planned Garden Suburb ‘establishing a model for Australia’s suburban development in the 20th century’. This walking tour will include houses open for inspection, tour notes and afternoon tea