Mosman's Federation Merchant Mansions

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Architects and Builders mentioned:
Home is where the houses are ... Mosman, the suburb of the merchant bankers.
Home is where the houses are ... Mosman, the suburb of the merchant bankers.
Home is where the houses are ... Mosman, the suburb of the merchant bankers.

Banks and Financials mentioned:

Macquarie Bank, BlueSkyCapital, Dresdner Kleinwort Wasserstein, Babcock & Brown, ANZ FX, ANZ Infastructure, Merrill Lynch, McIntosh stockbrokers.
Ruby St Mosman
Ruby St Mosman

Bradleys Head Rd.
Bradleys Head Rd.

Rona, Mosman
Rona, Mosman

Melleray, Mosman
Melleray, Mosman

Venetia, Kardinia Rd
Venetia, Kardinia Rd

Dunleigh, Raglan St.
Dunleigh, Raglan St.

Ardagh, Mosman
Ardagh, Mosman

Curraweena, Clifton Gdns
Curraweena, Clifton Gdns

Mosman's 'Merchant Mansions'

The merchant bankers’ Mosman merry-go-round is a feature of the Mosman property market.
  • Mosman has more than 5000 houses with about 240 on the harbourfront and about 60 inland with tennis courts. Either can rank among the true trophy properties.[1]
  • Until the global financial crisis, Mosman vendors enjoyed the home-buying spree that followed, like clockwork, the cash-dominated bonuses given to successful merchant bankers.
  • But the bonus-inspired property purchases disappeared during the depths of the 2008 and 2009 financial crisis, and the after-effects lingered until recently.
  • The ongoing decline in bonuses among merchant bankers and financial sector executives, and share options that are lapsing due to the weak sharemarket have all seriously impacted on the prestige property market.
  • It's the Macquarie Bank boss Nicholas Moore and wife Helen who've signalled the prestigious suburb still has some internal movement. They are soon to upgrade to a $13 million contemporary harbourfront home on MiddleHarbour, having lived elsewhere in a Federation Mosman house that cost just over $1 million in 1991.[8]

More on the Merchant bankers of Mosman

A cutback in executive performance payments has implications for those selling houses, writes Property Editor Jonathan Chancellor.
  • Luxury home estate agents do not like the aftermath of the December 17 Macquarie Bank shareholders meeting on remuneration arrangements.
  • The Macquarie meeting decided that henceforth its staff bonuses will be typically split equally between cash and shares, a decision prompted to head off any crackdown on bankers' pay by government regulators in the wake of the global financial crisis and government bailouts.
  • Estate agents fear the home-buying spree in Sydney's merchant banker belts that followed, like clockwork, past cash-dominated bonuses might not happen for a second consecutive year.
  • But a subsequent $6 million-plus purchase of a Mosman residence by a long-time director of Macquarie Europe, Darren Keogh, may assuage some agents' concerns. Settlement is not due until June, shortly after Macquarie pays its new-style bonuses in May.

During the depths of the 2008 and 2009 financial crisis, the property purchases that followed executive bonuses virtually disappeared, estate agent John McGrath said.
  • ''The suburbs that were home to Sydney's finance and banking executives suffered tremendously from lack of buyers as well as a large amount of available property offered for sale, albeit quietly.
  • ''This will reverse quickly as buyers look to take advantage of the tail end of the financial crisis and upgrade before the expected market rises take place.''
    Bradleys Head Road Conservation Area, Mosman NSW
    Bradleys Head Road Conservation Area, Mosman NSW

Stephen Bellotti, the head of global fund managers BlueSkyCapital, has made a $9 million plunge back into the Mosman market. His Iluka Road purchase - which had $12 million expectations on its initial 2008 listing - comes 13 years after offloading his last Mosman house for $1.8 million.
  • Mr Bellotti, previously the global head of capital markets at Dresdner Kleinwort Wasserstein in London, gave his address in the interim as Cheyne Walk, SW10 London.

Examples of the 'Mosman Mansions' owned or sold by Merchant Bankers:

1. 23 Ruby Street MOSMAN

"The Macquarie Bank boss Nicholas Moore and wife Helen, who are upgrading to a $13.15 million contemporary harbourfront home on Middle Harbour, have sold their Federation Mosman house."
  • "Costing just over $1 million in 1991, the property was initially advertised last November and sold earlier this month at an undisclosed price through LJ Hooker agents Mary Jane Hamer and Geoff Smith."

  • "The house with 365 square metres of internal space shows original craftsmanship.
  • Its formal living rooms have views towards Sydney Harbour, the Opera House and Centerpoint Tower. It has an imposing banquet dining hall with ornate picture window centrepiece. "

      • Experience one of Mosman's finest addresses for views, grandeur and convenience"
23 Ruby Street MOSMAN
23 Ruby Street MOSMAN
  • "Occupying a substantial sandstone footprint on an elevated 1008sqm parcel of land resides a gracious landmark home of majestic proportions synonymous with this dress circle location.
23 Ruby Street MOSMAN
23 Ruby Street MOSMAN
23 Ruby Street MOSMAN
23 Ruby Street MOSMAN

Stunning original craftsmanship has been expertly revived and interpreted to provide fluid functionality for contemporary family life.

  • Practically, the ambient family room effortlessly extends outdoors and an innovative upper level extension provides an expansive parent's retreat complete with ensuite, TV room, balconies and possible study.

  • A true entertainers delight with two magnificent formal living rooms welcoming a spectacular outlook encompassing views of Sydney Harbour, Opera House and Centerpoint Tower.
View from 23 Ruby Street Mosman
View from 23 Ruby Street Mosman

The house with 365 square metres of internal space shows original craftsmanship.
It's marketed as a home - suitable for contemporary family life - wrapped in traditional Federation balconies with gorgeous decorative tiling.
  • Its formal living rooms have views towards Sydney Harbour, the Opera House and Centerpoint Tower.
  • It has an imposing banquet dining hall with ornate picture window centrepiece.
external image cQx_IRkvEEA8kits3T3eDpQFwWKXtBvcag8ALQuCgDzAyOBidJWyPq-Z839i_C8F-O1Anq4kCbhneFM=w160-h120-rwexternal image N1DXRPPgSblR0NLOXJUBlU8zOKmSK32PL5P7vg3PziDzU4KwL68hq6qk6d9HfuhZdnx5rTsbgg2hUeobNn5iqPlwCxAQKsdSHOFZTO5ufHJkM28kNJulFc5JlpTyLqDd6qKJL60SXMQUtPIbwwluu3vWbZv4IsqHxKfWtP23oF1f8G0us7zqr5BoFyBmYGqd3grETTj1jcZ4QbOOLUHClnL6NVh5-dLq4crC_eLxYKowqh8-Qyy5_xEFfpPiwcylcsmORlKCatp1IIs8f0DBrqxGmqXG4PmXFeUS-l_mHRXzwUInmMjadL9L7_CO9yUi6Nc5AXXXBwV6UtPd0KjJU2hZKe1lo1fCoqC7zzfM_4f_rFooO2PSN4XFJEwguDDnro_-gXaMPaz-NWdSgTPty8BE4Hq73_dYQW9UmKyQZsr_ijLhTpHw2219uVwFapBC1wdC8K6auN1NRbgHJfYVAXUuw5EDVEzFQ7kCnf1z7vkE0cHP5vaAFytU7nZ_4zCpGI1tvzEs6NiI7hlEXHZyCFBFfqCoMKHJG_-iyF08gIdRiS60z_mWnNFUEndgp5DQdsZEI1c5OoqwDOo135FgQ31dAwPzE6ROZ312t-H52-YMvdIuTzUt8g=w150-h112-no external image Zus_a4muAC5vv2Bfcakf1nhObO9ANKNJLjwJNQSBpR3enQUXBSHOVVBZ3Fz1ayrHH7_M1DYvBNARxmc=w78-h119-rw external image VTgpZsO1VlYPGwzktHpcSm3F4NaD0AVi_d1Q0gSprgd50Sv-uFDMLK4sX4nWC-Uko2IImTDAp2nBQ2Q=w160-h120-rw external image 9itwlOCU9MnKv9Oiun-ZAPJVQ3OzKA4MCpt8WKc02JH6_g9-ngMvxYxPVQdNho-lZ9lzWNyRh-rHA-0=w160-h120-rw
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The kitchen was rustic style with marble benchtops, Miele dishwasher and dual oven. There was scope for a pool, the marketing suggested.
  • The LJ Hooker office also sold the neighbouring Federation house (pictured well below) this month, also for an undisclosed price.
  • "The house was marketed as occupying a substantial sandstone footprint on its elevated 1,008-square-metre block.".[9]

2. 30-32 Bradleys Head Road, Mosman, NSW (1910)

30-32 Bradleys Head Road, Mosman, NSW, sold for $15.5 million in November 2016
30-32 Bradleys Head Road, Mosman, NSW, sold for $15.5 million in November 2016

A likely $16 million private treaty trophy home sale in Mosman headlined the nation's weekend property sales.
  • It was the redundant Federation Queen Anne style home of the London-based infrastructure investment adviser, Peter Hofbauer.
  • The six-bedroom 1910 Bradleys Head Road trophy home (above) on 2244 sqm was listed only last October 2016.
  • Offers were not due for another 20 days when it was snapped up Friday night.
  • It came with an asking price of between $15.5 million and $16.5 million through McGrath agents Michael Rava and Michael Coombs.
  • It set a non-waterfront record for the suburb when it last sold at $7.15 million in 2001, but not this time.
  • At around $16 million is does rank as the third highest sale result across the lower north shore this year.

Peter Hofbauer sells his Mosman mansion for $16 million
Financial Review Nov 7 2016 by Su-Lin Tan
A local Mosman buyer with links to the investment banking circuit has snapped up 30-32 Bradleys Head Road.
external image ZzQRO8J7EHut1r9Q729TbycXhh8L1fecUq5ype0eQ-tw80WGELjqP6JY65hJ7_bud9Q0PF-QX3mjYPc=w293-h220-rw
external image Z205k0d6V_hb8V7yAIzfda-3I-190cMAB7OKvNKOLaa6gDAHS6K75bQvkj-PBjHB8yfNUElzXetQ_Mc=w293-h220-rw
external image q81xunpc_ar2XyyF-OwkG6LQP1Q_2sDJ3ufz7rsQqpEA8Z0OEB6lCZaOJMjsgTaJVkQtfEfIzaWZfdk=w293-h220-rw
external image yAKP7EO4zBmircuT_9pKcYn2Yfi7buIHW5QYu4n8-GKe8trZkaCUpMbWY9egZ7ocnUKTmeIfqPUGvsc=w293-h220-rw
external image kUjLMLtbqdZ9IVwCBNdj7WtSzpYBpfrAHgSfZdhSVN191MLgX_h8vlY8Q6nvC6m_xgke3g7WNm58nTw=w293-h220-rw
external image 86Ht7qrsdqeHNMgiAbV9yPu2HVMTbKLuflInMYIS69nPpsMj8uJB6bzv20XR4QDa9VP9filSm8Y4fWI=w293-h220-rw
Former investment firm Babcock & Brown's head of infrastructure Peter Hofbauer has sold his Mosman harbour-front six-bedroom mansion on Bradleys Head Road in Sydney for about $16 million.
  • In a quick sale that took less than a month, a local Mosman buyer with links to the investment banking circuit snapped up the home, one of the jewels of the lower north shore exclusive suburb.
  • In three weeks at least five parties, including a foreign buyer, inspected the palatial period 2244sq m home with gun-barrel views of the Sydney Harbour Bridge and the Opera House.
  • The Hofbauers, now based in London for work and university, have owned the home for 15 years, but have not spent much time at the residence which comes with a pool and a tennis court.
  • Mr Hofbauer said it was a sad decision to sell the home, which also bore memories of many Babcock & Brown celebratory parties. Babcock & Brown consolidated in late 2010 after collapsing during the global financial crisis.
  • He now oversees infrastructure investments at Hermes, which is owned by BT Pension Scheme in London, while his children study at Oxford University.
  • When the Hofbauers bought 30 Bradleys Head Road in 2001 for $7.15 million, it set a non-waterfront record for the suburb.

The property also has a cedar climate-controlled wine cellar and separate self-contained accommodation for guests.
  • The entrance of the property has a marble foyer with a soaring ornate arched hallway and there is also a three-car garage.
external image _4RDURoGZ3iUFXnd7uMPYwUlmIRiwihKfGywE7Asf7uJU5tiwsS2Bnj8MhdZ93-T4-uPIZdCeZvFGTI=w150-h112-rw external image r0RgyDTVp_pNiOidlk4fYo4_ICC08fZ9UdqtKFIKpvcrXfJlB-3bZA_a9d1tVXvwIo4KpJReOFc7kds=w150-h99-rw external image yWzuarI77K0ihJ3U0W-VyKGBl245QyQa6vtkB3-n5CIrulKBSb4-IyqmK2KMZTaKDacQdYoCIHzq7NQ=w150-h91-rw external image sPYbAfGp9pjmtAVZ8ykML3H17SUqoyFcQf_icI6S7o2qob6CVcEB8FlWFpv9MH1jQht037i6Ldfh6KE=w150-h99-rw external image Dw7wSTV3VCH9a0eRHxzoLSknJS8DtERv2zgZQ3-uyaCrYrnzqzn4OBZ0UplfoTGCm2tFufKaHOv2Qz0=w150-h112-rw
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external image BgEz4Nfu1CC9D_mFeKtCgsiO54oKec9lvCGZtuuxHNeD-3PNrotzKQfM1hEC3x4xt_kWS19AIGfOU_0=w331-h220-rw

Occupying an incredible 2,244sqm double parcel amid breathtaking park-like grounds, this Federation Queen Anne Style c1910 family estate is a truly once-in-a-lifetime offering of palatial proportions and timeless period appeal. It is positioned within a walk of Clifton Gardens.
  • Exquisite marble entrance foyer with classic arched hallway
  • Palatial proportions with sequence of formal/informal areas
  • Chef's CaesarStone kitchen with stainless steel gas appliances
  • Stately bedrooms, opulent master with Harbour Bridge views
  • Home office, internal lift to custom designed dressing room
  • Separate self-contained accommodation/ideal nanny's quarters
  • North/south championship tennis court, extensive storage
  • Sun washed courtyard, swimming pool, picturesque gardens
  • Triple garage, over 2000 bottle climate controlled wine cellar
  • Walk to Mosman Village, Taronga Zoo, prestigious schools
external image fPCDOS9hPiGaGoJ5B8Svn8MwLMPXV-V5_rDHuKrSdJd5Gz7IsY3Fz28jczs9hENu6KJxUH9YwuEqHTo=w148-h220-rw external image 3fCDi5Md1wBqFYTWXoXgmX8kwLOu1T3rlWGnT0q--dyivGRBxHIWTgp4LgPdrYmf9aXWvX-TTG53Www=w150-h200-rw external image dXKCdlGL0NuETQdkAThn1VBEocXpxL2y4mBVuzJCk5-6xTwwyErUSP74WRoauIlJiGt6iwozTnmeQKg=w150-h201-rw external image rvN1CyaOpHb9MkqP0HN78RZpcNu9zCOBGd_BZO4HvRAV--HXW8snjk6CD2MvZqJ2ycmqvjwjayBYZDI=w150-h99-rw external image qyGAaktv6euFYIPPGG4SpLOc5bCowJ2RaE_tPhHOWUBeWehmzm_gRVVZhUEWY9jpZdwdMMCyxMpnZpI=w150-h99-rw external image dkSxSd0qPqm0ntsZPykZR1KnhSe1qT4Q66N0f10wDDSdEqhYXAdV-_TNDCpjD8ngWTRCjbGS9EU1AbI=w150-h99-rw external image A5kWqbfx_CRIqV6nQl-x3ocTuh8zNNLUkwXvpZvSG8nfyO6xkiQuwNVkJgSGPMRgni1Hiw9Imvpoeu4=w150-h99-rw0external image yNLTj6KUnsaTJp2HGObRxTksmxNkq3K5UqXsTO3JXJukhI0ulh9ZMeLvMZuYnYQMqJQEfFrEiO_RWxk=w150-h84-rw external image 4I9rujlitNm1EgDdMDzIlvugWYnKEaa9iXPP7gV0lKtM5U0l75mGXDARliZcAf_auPB2BaRDPpjkRs0=w150-h112-rw external image q23dqPBgBuCvCwqYfGer4a8Pz6RPprHLrszuUiy8QkzPTTiS2XdcVqaS5M94kc-p4B3h3Fcmhip36Io=w150-h99-rw external image IlTuihmABf1mXkSJmDLJTLGbkrVM2gTDSlSZLulDGLzuo1jo2cC96YvTo9Qk0sNvuPKaRc-uoEPEmv8=w150-h112-rw external image FitXYLhKL71GUFh0LBjhrtEmwcbdQZ2LPC8km_X-FadQ4NpKsm4b9XcyHJL4dWyZEi-SIXDhkos7P_g=w150-h112-rw external image qibj_UbgLcaPewllMgkwpq_x8UbIXa-lxbxtQ-AT-RY12PEq-Ih_y4fS0DPkHR4m4MGp-BC0Vuo_tOo=w150-h112-rw external image jLmUmif_mQ6eZsFtUrsxeFnvPGDZZQi56aChDqi-fUcH-WNeYysecXYD4GJUoNjiK7GE4QOaadjrv7k=w150-h112-rwexternal image lowj3eE4aonSkNlSp0F5SgPaX1yeDn7ulJP3YsdWPwsX8V6AAx8RobFgtDNVfsemX3ut0C57mBXuQsg=w150-h112-rw external image XK7goLtJDsUJ2nqGlOjG-9yx3zGeechb2iAY1xiuopZis6VCMkGcS_EI8kOiAA8rQheW9lzTvM2WcSI=w150-h98-rw external image wzL4Y791sskepHUD46GvCDFEoqbPVSjRICHLbVfuvEv9cd1qeUGAR_rrQpNCPFax6iBLFTHSEfS8k7Y=w150-h112-rw

3. Ardblair (1903)

44 Bradleys Head Road, Mosman NSW 2088

A Mosman Merchants' Mansion

Built by Smith & Cabban, this 1903 grand two-storey sandstone and brick “Merchants ” home, has been tightly held by the same family for 48 years and offers an exceptional opportunity to put your stamp on a valued family estate.
  • This is one of the original Merchants' homes in Mosman.
  • Tightly held, these properties rarely come to market and the potential to further enhance this lovely "grand old dame" is enticing.[2]
44 Bradleys Head Road, Mosman NSW 2088, Image 1
44 Bradleys Head Road, Mosman NSW 2088, Image 1

Occupying approx.1500m2 of level land, “Ardblair” displays classic Queen Anne Federation features on an impressive scale.

44 Bradleys Head Road, Mosman NSW 2088, Image 9
44 Bradleys Head Road, Mosman NSW 2088, Image 9

44 Bradleys Head Road, Mosman NSW 2088, Image 10
44 Bradleys Head Road, Mosman NSW 2088, Image 10

Comprising 7 bedrooms (including a 3-bedroom self-contained apartment), 8 bathrooms, formal lounge and dining room, sunroom, family room, informal dining, observatory tower, massive billiard room, swimming pool, sauna, 4 car garaging plus off-street parking for plenty more cars- the offering is of huge proportions.

4. Rona, (1904)

17 Bradleys Head Road Mosman, NSW 2088

  • Sold on 06 Mar 2014 for $8,750,000
  • Heritage Listed within the Bradleys Road Conservation Area

Mosman's Rona sold pre-auction for $8 million plus

Mosman's Rona sold pre-auction for $8 million plus (2014)
Mosman's Rona sold pre-auction for $8 million plus (2014)

An Architecturally restored grand estate

'Rona' is one of Mosman's grand merchant homes, impeccably restored and modernised under the guidance of acclaimed architect Michael Suttor.

  • Proudly resting on 1,445 sqm of private, level land, its substantial and gracious interiors offer a seamless interplay between its elegant rooms of yesteryear and sweeping living spaces ideally suited to today's modern lifestyle.
  • Boasting upper level harbour views, it enjoys easy access to the ferry, Mosman village and a choice of beaches and is a stroll to the bus and zoo.
  • An Australian expat has snapped up the grand 1904 Mosman merchant home, Rona (pictured above) for $8 million plus ahead of this weekend's Belle Property auction.
    • Some 60 parties had inspected Rona which sits on a 1,445 square metre Bradleys Head Road block.
    • The Miller family bought the property back in 1987 for about $2.1 million with the subsequent restoration and modernisation by architect Michael Suttor.
    • The founder of Millers Self Storage, who sold the business in 1999, now plan spend more time at their beef cattle property near Jugiong.
external image le6R0Fea1o7BCTjErT0-m77HkaaZS3LuOseHho7-l5J2XChoRmUtZKxasSTzMPMHVPDbNyzSA1w2WKk=w156-h220-rw
Rona's gracious reception room
Rona's gracious reception room

Rona's immediate street presence
Rona's immediate street presence

external image vhiGsKXjZTteXwoJ_YLbpg6GQAKoduxrLdw7Dj9R-MI6xJP39IctbRgIGtmtIRhzP9G7yFjm1J50fE0=w334-h220-rw
Rona's master bedroom with bay window and ensuite
Rona's master bedroom with bay window and ensuite


Stately with immediate street presence, the stacked stone wall, iron gates and crushed gravel driveway set the tone.
  • Elegant rooms welcome including the large study with external entry, gracious reception room and stunning formal lounge and dining. Offering another dimension to family living is the sprawling living, dining and kitchen, media room, wide rear verandahs and alfresco terrace.
  • Dual stairways lead to the six bedrooms, three which adjoin the rear verandah, a master with ensuite and 2nd bedroom with ensuite and sitting ideal for the au pair.
external image YliJnood_gEPz6Ho7wsWL5C-FbOv6HNAhFYPnqXAy_TMaY9wl0NM97umYZP7f9h92Z-ahpWE9-stn-M=w150-h98-rwexternal image puoNXR3TGH9Z1cy8vQPGNN5DnSyTIz31_dM45ShUS6uqgwnwrhCROBK9-2bm1QYSPckr8003vDnWj-E=w150-h98-rwexternal image gkwTY7UWj9oBJtxy5iUo36Dvr9VTraY-unM2ZGcNGGSV8NAz0GNlqynb1-CPlUFAeeOxsBWMM9U2IdI=w150-h98-rwexternal image 8JmHet1P6RDmarPrBXrRfasHDsrktHniYGjTFYQ0oNX0sUSAonMWFXQF7zVF6qnAPf2HWQ9acEnseZI=w150-h98-rwexternal image ZNocrVHzR_8_qbrAWwI6TDKOqnMqw17-8is7MZx6eW194rWkwQ3WoLe2Ay4f3mtdSmOgU0TEYhXEhFw=w150-h98-rw
external image MeruiOssTc4enld18tr_LjIatvNhx3AtiqjEBxBMN5Df2DHVE58wAgYiZB4Y6tzT3XGe6rxDQCNIcO8=w150-h98-rwexternal image sd33DPTjVXfz0fG0l5V8jsA8VtpBaGiCjUPSCbEE88QWEuizYZh4HYPqNzMswORDRP0Sy99GIZA6iqU=w150-h98-rwexternal image Qo6Vm683u8rkos-mvFfef8VEa4wGHkeh0cmmf9l6bebTCX6nYkr53Q9NE3EhKjaMY4_fBYlau-Nbjv4=w150-h98-rwexternal image rFcdtjhYDf6D5xd_eK7frF5HZ9MZ-WfP_9heR1oc71LyzvgPO6nJFX_uItYZOHs0EPHiZ07lY-TP50I=w150-h98-rwexternal image 4_0YYLasEYkVIN9-3TV-bnohPdy2euR4obUDDNKrF2Grolh6sJy5lXJ25qqlnFoJVyxzTa5JvujvQaw=w150-h98-rw
external image IvehQ815ZspwfXsVGQ1WQv413ztJ6tYCkccLs7fTGgDTJhUrw6fUQ1W0yRL4e8R4zv-vjzcFeskIRVY=w150-h98-rwexternal image pFsvk3UhyLr8TWKXFCO6nRcVcuwgmnf9WZK11FsxU6DndoNhD_MvP7s7NisBwbw-bHehUeFIsOhvXZg=w150-h98-rwexternal image u_9Y_4vh29Co0CS46ew9ogBYU3wwcE05Cq-YZHZMQDvhzkXOi4gEtks0vaV6dO9jQM83Ch-MeFPekxs=w150-h98-rwexternal image B2eRPoMaPzZb7tDHFpqtAbJHzVY_oiJOtYJrei7BlA4zL6gdEgi8NXe-PNgP8kR8bW3MhH2Dw4tEH8Q=w150-h98-rw


12ft high ornate ceilings, polished floors, banks of bay windows and numerous marble wrapped fireplaces have been skilfully matched to merge with the open plan living, dining and kitchen areas.

5. Melleray (1907)

18 Middle Head Road Mosman, NSW 2088

  • Grand Family Estate with Harbour & District Views
  • Sold on 26 Oct 2010 for $6,500,000

In 2010 Eddie Listorti, former global head of fixed income, currencies and commodities at Dresdner Kleinwort, took the job as head foreign exchange and commodities at ANZ. His title is now ANZ's co-head of fixed income, currencies and commodities.
  • In 2010 he spent $6.5 million on a Mosman home, Melleray, the Federation home situated on a 1,975 square metre block a few minutes from Mosman village.
external image 70ZyOwh11_VLhX94011s744QJfKl1fAvTYxlDqHAWiYHCIZazdvdfEydsf4Gpcx-HtSIV2eHxZQLBMg=w165-h220-rw
Melleray (1907)
Melleray (1907)

18 Middle Head Road Mosman, NSW
18 Middle Head Road Mosman, NSW

external image O4aMhFz5sx2fad-9CNdAbkxne5DDB6Z6wLYX_Yc4eVi9C3IAXLsBRJMnrSkt4_Y7w4NoWWZQ64bC9H4=w151-h220-rw
18 Middle Head Road Mosman, NSW
18 Middle Head Road Mosman, NSW

18 Middle Head Road Mosman, NSW
18 Middle Head Road Mosman, NSW

Superb North aspect

"Melleray" (c1907), a classic Federation family home, set on approximately 1975sqm of wide rolling lawns, enjoys expansive views to Manly and beyond.
  • Many of the features typical of the era such as high decorative ceilings, moulded archways, picture rails and classic marble fireplaces have been faithfully maintained
  • Separate formal lounge and dining rooms, modern kitchen and casual dining area
  • Home office
  • Sun filled family room flowing to level lawns
  • Traditional wrap-around verandah ideal for entertaining
  • Electronic gates lead to double lock-up garage, additional secure carport accessed from the rear lane.
  • Enormous storage, workshop and cellar area
external image TmSEyxmDwFrZddQ6pyEALcvEmcbMMgqHeMcbPn87qw2-cvdtVrHIo0tqUDZrJFrFhmNXQjdiZ1VaL-0=w150-h111-rw external image CgrRJXFDVyFWNlLdvVuWSFyMJ-KLjOMTuKtEzX4Kq2RcBXn8uSz9aY0v8UiAxdjIMdwE0AqbWI8DqAI=w150-h112-rw external image ZQPkPa3Z2BYeFQgtyh9QZtQgNNhqihDHtbYbpu25vxawSrYytNydWnPfapTpwX66UBTMFK-6vuXDk1c=w150-h112-rw external image WUZEy72aoTX8OqLEDwafXSiMttKR4D-ZoE5WckqC2SPIdmrIbykyBM6zGTUwEJw7Iw5hna3HqYg82Rs=w150-h111-rw external image 1XKmeH4AGeMRXUWpoBYu_x3RbMRUQ5cYXAM14GBJZcQNvro_cpTmFbzWavDeg5yqb_RnUhsvhLZuizo=w150-h112-rwexternal image -F4C-2AUwv1QS6ax2uQEHpZetcsOtV9lvyCiyhooF_VDCkmx59hW4JCtxS59JL6s9_XqNR4kfncho3I=w150-h111-rw external image ic4P8C9qBC9XXNrV8r-EwG1aS1bouVBC0Z0Zb1t7h6Rt0OXJKLb8Ajpno1_a401FqZbQEM1P2-uGFSc=w150-h111-rw external image ySMrMC8mSw1x6V7__Q9-IKQmNBoJdv8HLwfgpZmTf-V98mw_dR1aDsO1U1YbuVGrCsvR1wYnqoJZ_vM=w150-h112-rw external image ClE7MyshxkiDRA2w4kREwblDMFJSUn9-5nXF9mhyJeZ3VTlRgnaw4g1lqIIer2ZT0eHQ4pcSY43TX5Y=w150-h111-rw external image 5dNNibEVzhQ7ZSviRYbDXmQbdln0gw3du-g6CclFa6UIO9eckQOiPOgPgjSOUvfGojQqVXBwaq1wCgY=w150-h112-rw
external image x2qTfrV5_MW_irO9CnMIh75YqLFsnUngoCFEaz6UXVOm1DrurDl6IDvQVRtKZwCIy-D3SvY0aRdE77A=w150-h112-rw external image O8V6sZ8OWyMtvnyWsomDDI04xCxW2V15zK-IGRFzyA_zX2IQsC6BH_oGZZSCbAq-jooj63YWSaUvETo=w150-h111-rw

Purchase History

Back in 2008 Eddie Listorti, then the head of fixed income currency and commodities capital markets with Dresdner Kleinwort Bank in London, and his wife, Melanie, had their Bayview property for sale. More than $4.2 million had been expected for the 4,047 square metre property with views over Pittwater's Salt Pan Cove which sold at $2.82 million in 2009.
  • His current job includes presiding over vast gold reserves in Singapore where the ANZ has a vault given demand from investors for gold bars, rather than exposure via goldmining stocks or exchange-traded funds.
  • ANZ has its 50-tonne vault at the FreePort facility adjacent to the city's Changi Airport. It is a major player handling about 15% of the globe's production.
  • It sells the bullion solely to central banks, sovereign wealth funds and other banks with demand from investors seeking diversification into physical assets on fears amid the various economic crisises of late.
  • "Asians like to walk in and actually see the gold they own," he told News Ltd papers last year.
Listorti reports to former Dresdner colleague, Steve Bellotti, who took up the post of managing director global markets at ANZ also in 2010. He too owns at Mosman and Palm Beach.
  • Bellotti was previously global head of capital markets at the German dealer in London and has also held senior executive positions at Merrill Lynch in London, New York, Sydney, Hong Kong and Singapore.[3]

6. Venetia (1900)

7 Kardinia Road, Mosman NSW 2088

From Property Observer 26 AUGUST 2012 JONATHAN CHANCELLOR Macquarie's Nicholas Moore gives momentum to the Mosman mansion merry-go-round
Venetia, 7 Kardinia Road, Mosman NSW 2088
Venetia, 7 Kardinia Road, Mosman NSW 2088

Nigel Smyth, an executive director at Macquarie, and his wife, Diane, upgraded from Clifton Gardens to Balmoral’s golden mile and its premium Sydney Head views, but pocketed $1.7 million in the process.
  • The Smyths sold at Clifton Gardens in Mosman for $6.5 million. The five-bedroom Kardinia Road property sits on an 823-square-metre block. It had views across the harbour to Rose Bay and Point Piper. It was bought for $5.12 million in 2005.

external image XX64XZ88Tfl3zZ2OYOGzqME3ffoL5Ka4p02B3MKrSIuHKAYFeRg0c4BjWXQ544TDQBFRM7fRakj9Lx4=w150-h99-rw external image pOdhfHASDIUYrg0E3W2yR1NXj7kn_iV1HPlsJYwJ59J8wtgVKkrwcSz52qs6RXWcpM1sahRR9_ffSKw=w150-h99-rw external image Gi2tti_WK39q2uI-ihgCiUJkIl83T0XAnsAxYnCeHOFSw4l8XgLiQnfAzfLEGz_QPXSNGg7-RkWaHqQ=w150-h84-rw external image _amHtMMxxgPm65ZX4wJb4ls5x2GNcwE4IpvIqPz6IUUDUJ0XnJ4lpEDabPfwi8mp-_g-H8vnrwRiIiI=w150-h99-rw external image XZr7xnNCfz0VEK-etzOin30XxFIgRY-K2RQhxSSMT6a7-5noTGp08x_DKEHCPAdSXP9CE4HqYnG1hn0=w150-h99-rwexternal image PDSihp5eN-wqf13lOzOwAZjFqoQIJfEPJzcCKf2VB1ADIQkyQ0yTTTrYqOIyuQaucoTp7OQTHZyyFAQ=w150-h99-rw external image ljsgps6YxXJ0bkIievbMPO1rXI00WfTgwFrkZYxlCkBqqafnVgCxX8Vj41g9f9-cn22qcIycr1F3o7Y=w150-h99-rw external image t2cBwHp2v50mEBp7AsKeIgdjYy1VIwZDdqQismoSizuCWvHtYcJ_a65hzExQLXXsTM0vgeo6GX_5dIc=w150-h99-rw external image C9KSBMgTYk5f6aVsAe-OR8JZaqwMMDo8Kc-fnNuafzJhWuZUSfSst1U7AnpsNlKDfUrytp10pR0_e9U=w150-h99-rw external image 5inrlJ_tJ7B_n-HIp20LcUo-o06vYoIbrL-LYlwOTG-u5KUCaL3BsTBbMGQxlloeZvhrabFdmDBD-AM=w150-h99-rwexternal image TbhHNHvutx8ZDz3n4jyNTuGTK_tsiBAElkGi9zDOyE28cjRZrXJMR-9hkq3uF0WuFtBTs7NKi6KkDcs=w150-h99-rw external image UTG29TpyUhmgqYdaxbHkTdQR9qM-1BQEoHbNXx-DNKzQt5Rk6jypnyJv9D2_LLsUiehP_0DodkBLnrI=w150-h99-rw external image aX8lb8le-VTYNKsGgrjxvg_sQqlNErFIRk_tftvZkzIRvUPxOsFG-cubYcjqPwrVZcssAFuHHkfc1U8=w150-h84-rw external image 9WTkd5WKDI6ymO4r6zsptWwZVtOeKeBNqgHGLPJqlSr_4V3TSnqJo1tQz82FN6bODDpkDuuy37c5Jas=w150-h99-rw external image XM6Fq7xojP2PLqQ0SjzEb4EdtOZODHmpbDMxzPzAi2buVWItNvGkUHzZsNhUjL-IU3roTO2iQTbWJOk=w150-h84-rw

Built Circa early 1900's with magnificent street appeal, this majestic harbourside manor commands an exclusive and rarely seen north easterly vista from the Sydney Heads to the main harbour and Eastern Suburbs.
  • Gracing 1378.4sqm (Double block) of established garden and trees, 'Venetia' has changed hands just three times in its rich 116 year history. A stately slice of Mosman's past, the grand interiors tell tales of years gone by through the meticulous preservation of the striking 3.74m patterned ceilings, formal receptions rooms and original servants' quarters.
  • Adapted for modern family life, the everyday dining room, oversized kitchen, family room and entertaining terrace all boast views as sizeable as their impressive proportions. A gracious Tasmanian maple staircase links the original residence to the 1907 upper level addition, housing further bedroom accommodation with scope to extend the floorplan and outlook even further.

A magnificent architecturally significant residence with a spectacularly unique perspective of Sydney Harbour within a prestigious peninsula setting close to Mosman village, beaches and elite schools.


Imposing entry vestibule adorned with leadlights and towering 3.74m pattered ceilings
external image 58EiB0Pi8d52FHMbP873nN0FbuOEOINFcLTaC8k1G7zkU6pyG7jUfzfQQE5iOaME1RHhjiJtpQbEq38=w155-h220-rw
  • Banquet dining room opening to the formal living/piano room and original reception room
  • Casual dining showcasing intimate, soft harbour views over Clifton Gardens and Watsons Bay
  • Kitchen with central island, Ilve oven, Asko dishwasher and breakfast bar with views
  • Spacious family room spilling out to a vast entertaining terrace overlooking the water
  • Oversized master bedroom suite with walk-in robe, ensuite, study, sunroom and views
  • A vast selection of bedrooms all with their own individual plaster ceiling and outlook - 3.5 bathrooms internally with the original facilities from the 1900s in the cellar


Privately elevated 1378.4sqm block with a 30m frontage and perfect north easterly aspect
  • Idyllic gardens with tiered lawns and water views, plenty of room for a pool and landscaping
  • Masses of storage within the solid sandstone foundations, multi-room wine cellar
  • Carpeted Jarrah floorboards, marble framed Jetmaster fireplace and plantation shutters
  • Automated 3 car garage plus driveway parking, laundry with connecting clothes chute
  • Ducted reverse cycle air-conditioning and views of the city centre from the upper level
  • Footsteps to Clifton Gardens Beach, waterfront walking trails and regular bus transport

external image GOLqVVlEWuM9Gf_7xxLVhTavhhxCeAvkCuRHA9JWaQr3l463kcqR0e4pfg0p2hLLtVhoehLxIKq1lbE=w331-h220-rw external image 5rO_30h1Q58jlF5UucVO08oNu1DI3bwt8IpL2NUHn-1gCwDWe_ke9wugwasVIyfsuP3E3flSf5xChwA=w147-h220-rwexternal image xNpzeodaF7r--AkN-FohM2x95uh6g4TwwheP7YSvGk3JfZrzOttyNUlEs7GaKawyjkgFiQPhWYJ6oQQ=w147-h220-rwexternal image qzSNIc9diNiDx-4SnQ37N5fd02N-jhX67eT_4rlLH_wQ9D60s39PGjGaA91Ron5-2c-TmyBFqZMvGEM=w147-h220-rw
external image bUcfhED79EPK38a_QrJvCbbRxLxjFr43hx16TJo36mMnOK1b4XyLYPFM5ct_Ek3cftTfoWL_iw8Bjvw=w150-h99-rw external image jjStHkayI6Dy1cWfB4C4JiVkojLSZXIFTEaQJUBiOXSgrvQ3Y69Rai_A3-7KFW8MVG3lnMUVkrAQYjM=w150-h99-rwexternal image wNAWpnu4EDRxqbm0LWDMXdbxcuN92Ww-iSXzxoGg-QzA1agZ_o_cKzMEJYjC-0xbyD2j5V4CCP8O6eg=w150-h99-rw external image Y7AAI_PXzI1eopRMH0yA8eFwhIQf86ktScWizNiomujCZDOk30xaZVLdmx_uUltpF97Hf11zh1EwZ4E=w150-h84-rw external image zv0EGmRkzREW95NOJkDpBUFklEVChOnd-akSQNOEf-D375pS9S9FBUV96ie94OtJ--ad3_xT9g2rIwQ=w150-h84-rw

7. Lairdwell (early 1900s)

43 Prince Albert Road Mosman

 Lairdwell 43 Prince Albert Road Mosman
Lairdwell 43 Prince Albert Road Mosman
Ear, nose and throat surgeon GLEN CROXSON and wife TRISH listed their Mosman merchant mansion, Lairdwell (pictured above), in 2012 through Gotch Real Estate. It was last traded in 1995 when bought from McIntosh stockbroker PETER MEURER for $1,275,000.[4]
  • With four bedrooms plus study, the Federation home sits on an 894-square-metre Prince Albert Street block.
  • The street name came from the Scottish emigrant James King, who took up the largest single land grant in Mosman, 150 acres (61 hectares), which was initially subdivided in 1853.
  • Sold on 05 Apr 2012 for $4,750,000

external image WUITmSGsxMCLdVAKu7N2YqPTcZwqTCl_0TAlkCcgnEZ8djU5oaYnoY-FL-fUdvRzacMQaR5SpYem54A=w292-h220-rw
external image EsNg1dNw5snzz2O_e4iHhe8eq2t67tT100YhzgoB1MtReVaVfBHmXeLMWIlWH5s8fy-abKan5bsr6fI=w293-h220-rw
external image duQNEkKbIIwQjWF9tK8e7jgmYJjWBvG4ch0gmyHqxQGh1pr4Z-cQAnTAjtgSdKp8e-ry7uURz8APlso=w294-h220-rw
This beautiful early 1900s residence is surrounded by landscaped gardens and sits on one of Mosman’s finest streets.
  • ‘Lairdwell’ is perfectly configured for family living with plentiful outdoor space and a flexible layout incorporating a fluid sequence of living zones and a secluded upper level parent’s retreat.
  • Impeccably restored and revived showcasing exceptional craftsmanship and a thoroughly practical design, the property is made for entertaining with a sparkling pool taking centre stage.
  • Capturing city and Harbour Bridge views from the upper level, it features include four bedrooms with built-ins (two with marble fireplaces) plus a library/study or 5th bedroom and a master suite with home office and roof terrace.
  • Elegant formal living and dining rooms flow through to a sunlit family living area with soaring cathedral ceilings and Jetmaster fireplace.

8. Dunleigh (1909)

72 Raglan Street, Mosman, NSW

Stately, Grand, Simply Magnificent!
This grand, super-sized merchant's mansion has all the style and elegance typical of its "Queen Anne" Federation heritage, plus all the essentials for today's energetic family.

  • On 684 sqm of level land with vast front lawns and established gardens "Dunleigh" offers two levels of unrivalled family living and huge entertaining areas, both indoors and outdoors. Sweeping harbour views from the upper level are an added bonus.
Dunleigh (1909), 72 Raglan Street, Mosman, NSW
Dunleigh (1909), 72 Raglan Street, Mosman, NSW
external image ijE84XLORfuOHtHZnz5_LDrvmKPQFUy-Dwgo_rU2_FwewSjlyeMXNsGW-leAOoKrQK5NAvREvN1Sj7U=w296-h220-rw
A grand Queen Anne Federation home, Dunleigh c1909 showcases exquisitely renovated interiors, restored period detail and peaceful harbour views. Impressively positioned on the high side of the street

  • Generous layout includes multiple elegant living/dining rooms
  • Lush child-friendly lawns, Spirit Level Designs landscaping
  • Skylit outdoor entertaining deck overlooks the private spa
  • White granite kitchen equipped with world class appliances
  • Large bedrooms, a sun filled study, five luxurious bathrooms
  • Striking master suite and soaring ceilings across both levels
  • Separate gym/teen retreat, classic wraparound verandahs

external image Kpm-aqEHxq9GVLBHUS33b-TljTa6heumMLOxSLlik9cVhifrGhxWL-ESstqeYNfGlAEU3JyzHl4TAyw=w150-h95-rw

Published on 15 Aug 2013
Published on 7 Apr 2016

Period Details

  • Bay windows, Gothic coloured glass and Art Nouveau leadlight side window
  • Corner fireplaces
  • Both brick bay windows and ornamental glass bay window
  • Polished timber flooring throughout
  • Portico over front door
external image qUGUlwiDl4Ex2kkOPqoC6APBOr5ayfQ2EZzbV1MWAvjzpMXF9tpEUdeV6ggh52LUnppXRjWnuynoVys=w150-h112-rw external image N-OSac7Aj3E6tg8LlblkmDYOQnDpYVqppmB4-FRi-KSnIL8xG4IEFRYqWu3tD-26cJ_b-6pLSddAnUY=w150-h111-rw external image 03wECZ_zc4ix9B0Gq7tDRgzqui_CO1THlQZMgggbb_9iiIgd8h9NNAxUHAECBVZHXAIX4mkdQblEhvw=w150-h112-rw external image x6hozCs0cyq3jbW_QxRW2uK_KpaX59JsBd_R194X04zBMA405Rg9kAVDyXWTg5UGW3ABiSZBRho1T3s=w150-h112-rw external image jq3CB_G-gWskwIf6MdrDL6hK5bnyAJGTBxhWOLBuKpbgb1m9xj0rO2dvHjgLdSxxdRJlXfRBnbrqqqw=w150-h112-rw external image bRW97qz4gSmGvsbjqndr8IEcuRB_hZxQwyUemMVrXrEP4fanBhvJIJh1pACLQkFYcuMI_R_Rdrhds4I=w150-h112-rw external image 5331pUMK_PSD6c_OWbu-LjyVLgay6tgnp4dNcC9CwgdLZVZ8hImnQfaZyitWDA8NGXsx2l-K5NX5H4Y=w150-h112-rw external image zZWVczAPLpzlW6JUQuLlfx7fEpEaMvYOW1VR7isbmBzWUzQgq4dizsGKEpJ4LrknCFNKGJtSL6U26Js=w150-h112-rw external image 5NF4GidmhWCUKYeEr1oyBV4UybrkzCWccrT5qgaeU6y89O-JbOl8UslEvvTJ24Zl6HU_n6zbjDIDjN0=w150-h112-rw external image CqyI94bVr6t2pUtAXxowYK-WRxNHaifJ7Mo-Bj1L4HDqLwGKAMBs_cauzXrZxWaC9za0k2FrztM9qXg=w150-h112-rwexternal image p5PrLVAZ4Cy1sAAk70ZPcgZsh9dnwDgWaz_ksgMBORj9e-xSdTRZcacvhgWsz8jizCk2ExVAI83T-iE=w150-h112-rw external image niP2FWwe_DFI8xSeYPJCnF6vq4tqv-Z3wQ_iqwNX-KKiKNl80UCzvogeJxGkRSroKMALX7x-4I0Nx8c=w150-h112-rw external image 8M9ALlFcfi6z1KwIctDttHkWccb3BYSEcTInAzT0MESHyD4Lg9h6zoH_3biI-y1Mg8_-OSt7_7JqHkY=w150-h112-rw

A grand Queen Anne Federation home, Dunleigh c1909 showcases exquisitely renovated interiors, restored period detail and peaceful harbour views. Impressively positioned on the high side of the street, it's moments to city ferries and vibrant village shops.

  • Generous layout includes multiple elegant living/dining rooms
  • Lush child-friendly lawns, Spirit Level Designs landscaping
  • Skylit outdoor entertaining deck overlooks the private spa
  • White granite kitchen equipped with world class appliances
  • Large bedrooms, a sun filled study, five luxurious bathrooms
  • Striking master suite and soaring ceilings across both levels
  • Separate gym/teen retreat, classic wraparound verandahs
  • Ducted air conditioning, ornate timber framed fireplaces
  • Ironbark floors, solid double brick build, pentagonal turret
  • Lock-up garage, extra off street parking, wine cellar/storage

9. Ardagh (1905)

19 Prince Albert Street, Mosman NSW 2088

One of Mosman’s Finest Federation Homes

Regally and privately set amidst magnificent established gardens, ‘Ardagh’ is a grand Federation home unequalled in elegance, grace, quality or proportion.
  • Built in c1905 and retaining the opulent character for which the period is renowned, this exquisite residence is a unique offering to be passed down the generations.

Ardagh has had only five owners in a rich 110 year history, "truly one of the North Shore's finest family estates." (Built 1905)
  • In 1913 William Toohey and his son, Francis opened a real estate agency at 124 Avenue Road, Mosman. Established at a time that Mosman was experiencing an increase in new residential developments this enterprise was such a success that in 1915 a branch office was opened at Mosman Bay close to Mosman Wharf. The family lived at ‘Ardagh’, 19 Prince Albert Street, Mosman.
Ardagh 19 Prince Albert Street, Mosman NSW 2088
Ardagh 19 Prince Albert Street, Mosman NSW 2088
  • Set on 2700 square metres, the seven-bedroom Federation mansion with pool and tennis court was built in 1905 and in 1922 was bought by former British trade commissioner John Adams and his wife Gwynneth, until they sold it in 1964 to pianist and former ABC radio personality John Champ.
  • Pharmacists Gary and Mary Smoker (Smoker, a former alderman), bought the Prince Albert Street property in 1993 for $1.7 million.
external image LVe5jI-WQTS3xcIKiCiu7qpPikrRaLKTU9ho6hbnBqTrKdmKOiMiCP-Hy7dJFVo0p_6i5njsEMyGWdc=w330-h220-rwexternal image mlcKvw8MIf4dMlb0peDmkdIIF40K1nr_I43EfkLXa0EkbfT_iI1JE_KoLgdSIUaGhDdnHbUMUfcOOgY=w330-h220-rw
It had initial $15 million hopes through Brendan Warner of Raine & Horne Mosman, but is now listed through Richard Harding at LJ Hooker.

  • Set on 2700 square metres, the seven-bedroom Federation mansion with pool and tennis court was built in 1905.
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  • Exclusively encircled by over 2700sqm of magnificent park-like gardens within one of Sydney’s most coveted enclaves, this majestic Federation manor offers grand living quarters with spectacular main harbour and city views along with a resort style swimming pool and a championship sized north / south tennis court.
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  • Unrivalled in proportions, prestige and position, the estate holds dual street frontages to Ruby Street and occupies two separate titles of land.
  • Originally built in c1905 and still retaining the opulence and allure of yesteryear, the scale of this exquisite offering is superbly balanced by sophisticated updates and the addition of sought-after lifestyle facilities.
  • Equally suited to family living and grand scale entertaining, the impressive floorplan accommodates a main residence, a self-contained apartment and a two storey coach house.

Tightly held for over 20 years and neighbouring some of Mosman’s finest residential real estate, this was a rare opportunity to become established mere moments from picturesque harbour beaches, Taronga Zoo, Mosman village shops and a selection of schools.

external image CWW1wzdaS3FZQCviVarxmjjOl5bFQncP43vqVq_ssB2YKxR3ywifjJqU7Ds7h816pHNrLrK4Z6eQoYc=w330-h220-rwexternal image -YLSzZQ8w7oNvxJO0vl4AXm7j9MXxe1Um1SvaxXK6JeYgGvsvWVXLVl6IEJZle4isvCHcTz2lOhhOAw=w330-h220-rw


  • A variety of formal living expanses including a reception room and banquet dining room
  • Multiple spacious casual living/dining areas ideal for family life and children of all ages
  • Well-equipped family-sized kitchen with an island bench and excellent storage solutions
  • Upper level parent’s retreat with lounging area, study, dressing room, balcony and ensuite
  • A two bedroom self-contained apartment with living, dining, kitchen, sunroom and patio
  • Two storey coach house equipped with a kitchenette, lounge, bedroom and bathroom


  • Postcard harbour views showcasing the Harbour Bridge, Opera House and Centerpoint Tower
  • North / south tennis court and resort-style pool with spa, dining patio and sundecks
  • Adorned with lofty patterned ceilings, decorative fireplaces, leadlighting and bay windows
  • Two separate double lock-up garages – one accessed from Prince Albert St
The rear of 'Ardagh', 19 Prince Albert Street, Mosman circa 1918
The rear of 'Ardagh', 19 Prince Albert Street, Mosman circa 1918

  • This photograph was taken at the rear of 'Ardagh', 19 Prince Albert Street, Mosman, Francis Toohey's family home from 1913 - 1918.
  • It was taken before Lola and Francis married in 1919.

10. Curraweena, (1906)

6 Buena Vista Avenue (Clifton Gardens) Mosman NSW 2088

"Undoubtedly, One of Sydney Harbour's Finest Family Estates on around 2,250sqm
"An Estate of this calibre only comes up once in a generation. Fusing early 20th century grandeur with 21st century ease and informality this magnificent Smith and Cabban mansion C1906 is a true Mosman thoroughbred.
  • Sold for $13.200 million in 2009.[6]
"A pleasing house of comparatively simple design, in a spacious setting. Federation Queen Anne.
  • "A brick residence, a storey and a half high and symmetrically designed. It is basically rectangular in plan shape and set well back from the street, with a tennis court in front.
  • Its design consists of a prominent medium-pitched gable with the ridge parallel to the street, and a central gabled bay projecting forwards and having a semicircular and Tuscan-columned verandah at ground floor level with an open balcony above. There are flanking windows with bracketed hoods. The roof is fairly steeply pitched and covered in terracotta tiles."[5]

external image 7137781_01_x.jpg

external image 7137781_02_x.jpg
"A prized Clifton Gardens estate of around 2250sqm that stretches from street to street with two 26m frontages, tennis court, swimming pool, sandstone entertaining terraces, level manicured lawns and beautiful landscaped gardens The impressive totally renovated two storey home with separate studio offers space and elegance on a grand scale plus iconic views of Sydney Harbour from both levelsit's a complete family lifestyle, all with in walking distance to Clifton Gardens Beach, the ferry and everything special that Mosman offers.

external image 7137781_05_x.jpg
"Polished floors, archways and 14 ft decorated ceilings enhance the airy spaciousness of the huge double reception rooms which open to the covered semi-circular verandah that overlooks the tennis court imagine hosting a large formal party that spills effortlessly from room to room or enjoy a cool sundowner while watching the children on the court on a late summer's afternoon It's an all seasons home focused on the sheer enjoyment of living here.

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