'Leafy' Lindfield Federation Style Houses

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1 Middle Harbour Road, Lindfield

Lindfield is a suburb full of trees on the Upper North Shore of Sydney in the state of New South Wales, Australia, and is 13 kilometres north-west of the Sydney Central Business District on the Northern railway line.

This suburb of 7.21 square kilometres contains residential housing of California bungalow and federation style, in double brick and tile construction. The Gordon/Lindfield development was triggered by the Railway line opening in 1890.
Gordon Heritage Conservation Area

external image 180px-1_Blenheim_Road%2C_Lindfield%2C_New_South_Wales_%282010-12-04%29.jpg
Federation house, Blenheim Road
external image 142px-20_Strickland_Avenue%2C_Lindfield%2C_New_South_Wales_%282011-04-28%29.jpg

Federation house, Strickland Avenue
external image 142px-33_Middle_Harbour_Road%2C_Lindfield%2C_New_South_Wales_%282011-04-28%29.jpg

Federation house, Middle Harbour Road
external image 133px-42_Nelson_Road%2C_Lindfield%2C_New_South_Wales_%282010-12-04%29_01.jpg

Federation house, Nelson Road
external image 180px-1_Northcote_Road%2C_Lindfield%2C_New_South_Wales_%282010-12-04%29.jpg

California bungalow house, Northcote Road
external image 180px-23_Waimea_Road%2C_Lindfield%2C_New_South_Wales_%282011-04-28%29.jpg

California bungalow house, Waimea Road
external image 160px-10_Northcote_Road%2C_Lindfield%2C_New_South_Wales_%282010-12-04%29.jpg

House, Northcote Road
external image 148px-45_Tryon_Road%2C_Lindfield%2C_New_South_Wales_%282011-04-28%29_03.jpg

Federation revival house, Tryon Road
external image 155px-38_Nelson_Road%2C_Lindfield%2C_New_South_Wales_%282010-12-04%29.jpg

Federation revival house, Nelson Road

32 Provincial Road Lindfield NSW

Period formal garden, tiled footpath, original Federation details in immaculate condition
32 Provincial Road Lindfield NSW

Ornate ceiling, original timber picture rails, door contains leadlight glass windows
32 Provincial Road Lindfield NSW

Late Victorian fireplace, ornate ceiling and cornice
32 Provincial Road Lindfield NSW

12 Nelson Road Lindfield NSW

Nelson Road (Heritage declared) contains a significant collection of Federation Houses both renovated and even grand.
12 Nelson Road Lindfield NSW

A magnificent marble corner fireplace and original polished wooden floors are highlights of the living room
12 Nelson Road Lindfield NSW

This marble fireplace has been converted to gas, but the light fitting is close to original, and so is the ceiling rose.
12 Nelson Road Lindfield NSW

5 Ortona Road LINDFIELD

A double fronted house with both a bay window and shingle tiles above it. Note the front door is asymmetrically placed
5 Ortona Road LINDFIELD

Period ceiling with period light fitting, and simple Edwardian fireplace.
5 Ortona Road LINDFIELD

11 Balfour Street Lindfield

11 Balfour Street Lindfield

Magnificent wooden floors, arched doorways, leadlight and bullseye stained glass window
11 Balfour Street Lindfield

11 Balfour Street Lindfield

51a Tryon Road LINDFIELD

51a Tryon Road LINDFIELD

Beautifully renovated turn of the century federation cottage
51a Tryon Road LINDFIELD

Original fireplace, window nook and arched doorway

24 Middle Harbour Road Lindfield

24 Middle Harbour Road Lindfield

34 Wolseley Road, LINDFIELD

34 Wolseley Road, LINDFIELD

Coffered Ceiling, polished wooden floors, working fireplace, and glimpses of leadlight glass windows
34 Wolseley Road, LINDFIELD