Inter-war styles derived from Federation period Architecture

A Gallery of post-Federation House Styles, - from 'Trophy' Homes recently for sale

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Interwar Styles

  • These houses illustrate many design trends of the Federation House, however are not the first to do so.
  • See also page: Timeline Index of Homes



The Elms, Hobart
The Elms, Hobart

Inverninate, Bellevue Hill
Inverninate, Bellevue Hill

Keynsham, Neutral Bay
Keynsham, Neutral Bay

Post-World War 1 Designs:
  • Federation Arts and Crafts: The Elms 1917, Keynsham, 1921,
  • Inter-war Bungalow: Fintry 1930s
  • Arts and Crafts: Inverinate 1918, Yoorami, 1920s, 266 Domain Road South Yarra, Vic: 1928,

Architects mentioned:

1. The Elms, 1917

452 Elizabeth Street North Hobart

The Elms is a magnificent Federation Arts and Crafts mansion in a beautiful mature garden setting.
  • Designed by renowned architect Bernard Walker and built in 1917 for Albert Flexmore as a family home, the property was then sold to the Palfreyman family in 1933.
  • The distinctive building has beautiful bow or oriel windows to the front and northern side providing glorious views over the extensive gardens and with views to the Derwent River.
external image xdFLxNDUqwLXsN8BRneFIZD0BfmvcJSUCWMyUuTYo_CNwChPqQtS1dSaqJHlbvuMgwLO0cHxmpwWXzE=w144-h220-rw
The interior is striking with dark timber panelling in the entry and hallway and a grand staircase with barley twist bannister.
  • The main reception room is impressive with ceiling beams and sandstone fire surround.
  • The distinctive building has beautiful bow or oriel windows to the front and northern side providing glorious views over the extensive gardens and with views to the Derwent River.
external image hVD6mYCagrjniE5WnLV2INYN6DswxJbYYlVgn5-J5sW4_ycLtvFTE6Fqn60MRAOpNmGSQYGzto--_Ps5qgPxVXl1yAr-SqG97MFj-RTDPMF_iuCGGGYFM3eM9nplDavj2h11BKzGKL5ZdzDer2MUKJ02DqLIwAC9wQC-opdbd5hr1hOjAQreKQ0X2a8EUxiy05B3-i_XEua7HbzP53ApYTfHI0DVrXqp7empjB24x88tQIUXE5ll0MoyNEpxfuQ9qCc8p_urLOgass0ioRBWk32YOsm7gjS976g4Cjf0dL_itwUJavSZQQDVWVW0tPFin1zdsaLDuL5BS4CNOEV6bfRN1bz9dbPE_Whbmb6kE7rj0FqSS1RjYqB8vrtjVTkpxXnUQrSZ7T-trfhjeTrVA7g4zNJD84Ju3yF3IQFxlvkY9emP5tJO7-ebHG2_2rduIbjHQ3QcrU0GEOXrXGP6Eaq8I2rOnqrN9pYdnhYA_YXXkWA5npSU-brvdOKUn1q2G3S2eeFYKtZ_sT8_qbR42Yy1o2mPE2zPqERo0S6nlp24-T-4kfJaEDsO0em1X6z_pFIrTZ_F4DgzUCFzBcEVvwFnkdU07GZsviXq6cf14Qcxh4gg0qRJ5w=w456-h342-no
The interior is striking with dark timber panelling in the entry and hallway and a grand staircase with barley twist bannister.
  • The main reception room is impressive with ceiling beams and sandstone fire surround.
  • Successfully operating as a visitor accommodation since the mid 1990s, the property has had up to ten suites. The owners now enjoy a comfortable lifestyle running four guest suites on the ground level, Elms, Hawthorn, Maple and Willow.

The property is superbly presented and maintained with a new Colorbond roof, gutters and downpipes, the iron fencing and gates, heat pump energy saving hot water units and two contemporary kitchens with quality appliances. There are three full kitchens, nine bathrooms, nine bedrooms and multiple living and outdoor entertainment areas. There is a garage, carport and eight parking spaces.

Period Details of 'The Elms':

external image B3D71-zjlbpLWzBDsUpht-KREtBk70QxJubqUdVzvFmh4Ms5tHLWr2d5w30KXOtpbuojNtivtuVjufg=w120-h90-rw external image WDrU5c6bSleCr-L1PH9Terke4DzxEtMnGJONeq9T2nGveeclfDgCZcSNHzNhvgJwAf_EKALQJrw2v2M=w120-h90-rw external image RZZOFkjPgjSadnN63Tmxy7l1bO4e92w77x1oDw9_pEXllD9fAr3ZPj09DsnLv2v0pU4nTORFt1amDsQ=w120-h90-rw external image ymEZaeuwY-LNT4NbA7iGrXXDGYwXu4ytlScXqxmvk8598ys5NlBmQKukHiD0nd5hm6MMUZyhoZ5HJIg=w120-h90-rw external image NJMoXSdem1TNYYwRByHHl1JAwxLbntowVzwkKebL6XUCgLAYX_tn94gAWom8fwspgMcaSP1EHDKyZiU=w120-h90-rw external image I0hvgnbv5IBUAxEUlIBUNtGOak2-vmq0qW7Yv4RRzPoDafaqO2OSzdf4Z6ap0s-2DmYKn3eRPV7_e6I=w120-h90-rw
external image ZjBfWvlLW7EyCjTWOlvi-yDEvl36q567Z73lxoKAVpgWNfJfHz8FZKtwHqmp7-Y52VXVGdo3DNETz3U=w120-h91-rw external image sZ4yZDKHb1mKjK-1g0YJOsuXs7dnclMMvGUmyXgBqzNkuygSzsDC1cK39vGNjZTffKvzb37xUOOBLwA=w120-h90-rw external image JRbt7bVWstCh5y0x0ZIZHwaCI9zYvldqWu2dtPtel1CA_kWzo7EA7t8Yh26GVfnheWpbklMgpNI3tbQ=w120-h90-rw external image 8tOjmECqI6gRWor4zF0h9UU4dn8A2skdrlTjUtx5v-hw8hHi6QPwVqzIamo51hW55mo0VfNS3Wvg5Gc=w120-h90-rw external image gKbUNCmPazTAhzSvPamEzlrHTw95nPKPd_Yx3N4f5049w8HgiMaLVBNHElXlcf7ZSl_iICGvx53yUR0=w120-h90-rw external image asw1hnMF08f_90jGpwOF9XWKMaAh4lSyzaQur4sLPkPxFil9_a6mEekgoO3F8lyq55QFu74dTzwPLfk=w120-h90-rwexternal image Kl-0H6-74-4tqa03m9cXkbKxIqvCel4l_NMtyO8659EE-JbdkKJeVIICEEqVwXgNMnq1KtzughyHCEA=w120-h90-rw external image JtoIxkZJb1G8rQQZsMPfjyamtdQKDzafpaNQnzgDMJJ4xa-SVoFO-zWmgLTSNT7phOTZ_Vn6Nwdw0Kk=w120-h90-rw external image k36dhdx9h25Gb2EPNgv383iqfy5RYgNzkCUVxpB0HRUxP8md664VIKDfxgRgvcMcqIYr2Nnlk8ZHEcE=w120-h90-rw external image wnh4BlPrUHSmyCysjhwRX4Ngbs_35KYMIzOe9uPJYLJtbze6QUEiK-McYBXmFIxaV47s5lK_ITnpWf4=w120-h90-rw

2. Inverinate 1918

65 Cranbrook Road, Bellevue Hill NSW

external image HbPWa4oGYOEW6p2veOoqYOHkUohYJRohIgGYe9hjaOhpgSLd43v062izUlPdphMzUrseQPEOWg1uWSY=w330-h220-rwexternal image aROaub_X5liQJgtGnUSNdS3m0MHy20rlEYXqOhDLh_sAjoPr7j7SePfIphyp0mp4yuiZim8o0vpIEr8=w331-h220-rw
‘Inverinate’ is a large and intact example of the influence of the English Arts and Crafts style of architecture. Architects Manson & Pickering built the house in 1918 for M.R. McRae.
  • The house, which demonstrates the early development of this section of the Cooper Estate, retains a high degree of aesthetic and technical significance in its design and execution and is representative of Upper Middle Class housing in the Edwardian period.
  • The building style is relatively rare within the Woollahra municipality and the Sydney region generally.[1]
Double Street Frontage - Approx. 1676m2 land - 46.23m width
external image SRaK5LtoS-WvgHMsbcBNGpFfm5xGfxGJ6kABt3pKTRrrKg-Fk6NJP22CG1-oyHMQH0Qa5DkW8g6stXs=w330-h220-rwexternal image t4cJAPZyi7nVn506ngTW9LVEBfjeVvzunpHpHFpZcVKTeBDRTqXp_jArsywGReleje3fUB_S6C___ag=w330-h220-rw
An enviably private and utterly inspiring residence set on an enormous block, with substantial frontage to 2 prestige streets.
  • This blue ribbon home abounds with a graceful elegance and untapped opportunity to value add.
  • It enjoys level frontage to Cranbrook Lane, and has picturesque views of Sydney Harbour.
  • The home is impeccably maintained, and was being offered for the first time in 28 years.

Current features:

  • Sprawling gardens in dress circle surroundings, 4 oversized bedrooms; 2 small studies; Large sitting room; Separate formal dining room; two large family rooms;
  • Modern kitchen; Several store rooms; A large pool with secluded terrace areas; high ceilings; impressive joinery; Kauri floorboards; Open fireplaces throughout the house; 2-car garage; Security system; Bathed in N/E sunlight.

Inverinate Description

65 Cranbrook Road is an intact Arts and Crafts style residence.
  • The building is two-storey with a steeply pitched, hipped roof clad in terracotta pan tiles and tall square chimneys with multiple terracotta chimney pots.
  • The house is generally symmetrical across the façade with a dormer sitting in the main roof, which in turn spills around it to form the roof covering for the ground floor verandah. Two open plan verandahs on the first floor accentuate the symmetry.

  • The building is finished in pebbledash stucco. Exposed rafters run along the eaves line, except where the roof comes down to the ground floor where it sits upon eaves of an oversized dentilated cornice design which is supported off six large square tapered columns, which in turn sit upon a short masonry wall.
  • The upstairs balconies have a gentle curve across the front edge of the balustrade in the manner of the English Arts and Crafts style.
  • The windows and highlights are generally clear glazed with no apparent glazing bars. Deep flat roofed awnings to the ground floor facade windows are supported by elaborate metal tiebacks. The form of the awning is relatively flat with a deep multi stepped edge in a ‘Voisyesque’ manner.
A large bay window sits below the central roof leading onto the verandah. Timber shingles have been used above the windows in the bay as well as either side of the first floor dormer.[2]

Inverinate History:

Named Inverinate – possibly after a small village on Loch Duich in the Scottish Highlands – it was built for Mark Reginald MacRae, who lived there until 1948 when he sold it to Sir Kenneth Noad, a medical practitioner, who owned the house for the next three decades.
  • In 1910, Horatio Scott Carslaw, Professor of Mathematics at Sydney University, purchased from the Cooper Estate an area of 2 rood 10 ½ perches bounded by Cranbrook Road and Cranbrook Lane.
  • The land was sold undeveloped to Mark Reginald Macrae, a company manager form Sydney in 1918 and the following year he is recorded in the Sands Sydney & Suburban Directory, as living on the site in a house called “Inverinate”.
  • The house was constructed to a design by Manson & Pickering Architects.

In 1931 Macrae sold portion of the grounds of his property, on the corner of Cranbrook Lane and Cranbrook Road to Rupert Harden (now known as 67 Cranbrook Road - Sale listing and photographs; erroneous Property Observer Trophy Home story here).
  • At the same time, a further subdivision was proposed consisting of the land in front of the house but this was never executed.
  • Macrae remained at “Inverinate” until the property was sold in 1948.
  • Sir Kenneth Noad, medical practitioner, purchased the house, and engaged the architects Loveridge & McCauley to carry out minor alterations. He remained occupier of the house until 1978 when the property was sold to its current owners William and Joyce Conolly.[3]

3. Merrybrae, 1920

51 South Road, Brighton VIC 3186

Merrybrae, a 1920s era Federation Arts and Crafts home in the beachside suburb of Brighton.
external image brighton1.jpg
A four bedder set on 1,040 square metres, with low maintenance gardens and paved outdoor entertaining areas, it wouldn’t be too labour intensive to care for. There’s plenty of room for the prized poodle and the beach is just down the road for the daily run.
external image brighton2.jpg
What really seals the deal is the two sizeable kitchens with an indoor kitchen and another outdoors – what Malaysians and Singaporeans refer to wet and dry kitchens.
  • The indoor one can be used for serving guests, while the outdoor one is where you can cook your (top notch) fish curries.
external image brighton3.jpg

4. Keynsham, 1921

29 Shellcove Road, Neutral Bay, NSW 2089

Keynsham, 29 Shellcove Road, Neutral Bay, NSW 2089
Keynsham, 29 Shellcove Road, Neutral Bay, NSW 2089


This house was named for a district near Bristol, England where the Pratten family came from.
  • This was the home of Herbert. E. Pratten and family.
external image GxWN0Bmtx9SfuSwBP3HiD88eevWcxNYoo5cvoNQ-tj8Aw57dxqhsyVfJ-lLzXTkyvc3hPGPbDcHvJFk=w150-h112-rw
  • Herbert E. Pratten was a member of the Australian senate 1908-1928 and his son H. G. Pratten was an all-round sportsman who played in the N.S.W. cricket team in interstate matches before World War I, but his career was interrupted by World War I.
  • The son, H. G. Pratten also held the number 1 badge for the Sydney Cricket Ground for many years.
  • Owned by Peter Perini, from Corinthian Industries, Australia's largest door maker and manufacturer, and his wife, Rosslyn.
  • In 2013 thePerini family relisted their Neutral Bay residence, Keynsham.external image 3Bv4nMPNcO3P_ewsjKhISWctKxc_FJFOeI-s5mk2_TgdZ8xmcUv0oTenexeiyeu9jszPu6y_ki_pHl0=w150-h112-rw

The house was originally a single storey building designed by architect, Frank Buckle, a friend of the Pratten family and the second storey was added in the late 1920s.
  • The 1921 Arts and Crafts house sits on a reduced 1,300 square metres overlooking the harbour.
  • The restored Shellcove Road house has three bedrooms including a whole-floor main suite. There’s also a billiard room.
  • Its Ray White LNS agent Kingsley Yates wants buyers with $7 million plus. It had $8 million-plus hopes in March last year.
  • Its been refurbished by Ridley Smith of NBRS Architects to maximise its bay views.
external image WFtRaWQjgDQtaEXCHC219C8B6l6aKKMRhse5kIaOWsFKVbInEbd17wBzcRRA5JN7VfsdSYisvDT6jLw=w150-h112-rw external image npq0Lyz19_Wk8l8gPh27vwAquivTZv-OIeFQJUsy1XLaTW6c3y0ac2tbQZ3ika4C6AcUuQzCC4ytqJk=w150-h112-rw external image 59AioxS-Uiu7BUJtIVAV_I1NV0R-tedJGswo-1pw4jma7NeSeQ8AYE1e3ia-n-kCEqEnwUXTMJVvaiw=w150-h112-rw external image TgSnzMd8sOewzi_aXH82SDaeGw8V_jIKpECOy3rHOf2WUnfUPmtcGA01kgC5j_RK-SjPAXNngYFnK2o=w150-h112-rw external image IMiumH5ov30zLMbqFptg0UA9keCiC81hu3Aa9U-E-HvF6So85mix4Oni3ry3OnE5N4mApk-J6mlxKng=w150-h112-rwexternal image 8XSk39nViqFCh1coEPtmEMo-ur1z6kv1Y83pnZoNJZi32gd8Sa1u0g3Ut6vxjNKhyO3ENglnTfF2pmE=w150-h112-rw external image 3-yxWtXvoJlvon-l6f4L4qyCUAiJ_loA4BenushMHzHINy0GGX9ZvrRXvlGvqI4Yf3D8yTlIJ8vvslc=w150-h112-rw external image r8XK0cqTzY8rPnV450N9uGzj9N3XiY5N7ZIerpC133YKwralO2XiEFJBuxa1cM_BAiTtQJOnd2A8fn8=w150-h112-rw external image tdGSpviqeT6b18jBAWunzgIQEY44LvV3nrot1vSVW23tzC_O2GCBbR2cP-H2lv6Py6F0dBArDHUedG0=w150-h112-rw external image gqboztoP3tmMu5mS1fMr2xd98CYsseVdg6dp__5VHKzfw5JjMLKBJB1dbj1kSAo3fHd-X8lfxthLPcc=w150-h112-rwexternal image OcMIBSIy9tkQ4wij4FZg0I4cPxTU4UMrQNkicAXFJs45x9LlS8A6XAmiPJkgRyehRTBOk6pvSJydR-k=w150-h112-rw external image tNXngWy0KRsmN9NrTL_CyhoSxEuM_cmRTWXgtfcwGwvrRHj2tM8m6YGb5I_3n6zPb-kY9ozuphY5O1A=w150-h112-rw

5. Vaucluse, 1920s

18 Vaucluse Road, Vaucluse, NSW

6. Yoorami, 1920s

90 Victoria Road, Bellevue Hill, NSW 2023

external image rBUsMRxZxjf51SW-sgKI_DO8EnK-FE-FCD-Kf2PWJcNhCWx_5SzH4PXrIW-9nhvRn5Q_1ODjNqkDzuI=w293-h220-rw external image rAfkY04bOVV06VcY6QykbouL-tzjRZ5BboC8Pw8CvnhKHcz92IFm9w2tK_rSrr9rBSl7QaCudDF1VUE=w293-h220-rw
Yoorami came to prominence when builders Bill Shipton and Zaro Elizov were reinventing Sydney's top-end mansions in the mid-1980s.
  • The 1920s Victoria Road Yoorami has been restored by architect Michael Suttor with interiors by Thomas Hamel, retaining its grand period detail.
  • The Yachting Australia president bought the Victoria Road property in 1995 for $5.65 million from barrister couple Geraldine Vandeleur and Charles Sweeney, QC, making the 2800-square-metre-estate that year's highest non-waterfront sale.
external image GYKuvLF9ht9Bs-6eCZ0D4Am0tG1mcxZstBW1haFdmxVCMQpXuXyJ0NYFcBODKzuQflt27oK3NjlR414=w147-h220-rw external image 95-xC3td04f6RkVULXVP7-Gg55k1utoR_9jVqsPhrgt_CPguDtqsXp7662uCqW22JaUzCMCPCDy4nsk=w293-h220-rw external image wh7zd1fmj-M37CX1Wn5Lx_tjTmRGMn6xT6mvLeanRkqi7j8OOMV5QrSeE0dOqrCDps5iy9OkThn451I=w293-h220-rw
Now the retired investment banker Matt Allen has cleaned the decks of his prestige eastern suburbs property oversupply by selling Yoorami in Bellevue Hill for $15 million plus ahead of this week's scheduled auction.

external image rWZ5SfHOl4DWKLkCgSkAz7EpvF6UMAQjwe6IMtvSJn2y1HRCIwA5nCULskSjlJZG_STbQlkpbbkAv-c=w150-h97-rw external image vy3S-sf6nhrFVDR-12ZocBhjk2oOzXfpLBlmCJdldwLp2s0QO7lC6QdngTmeUYuhbnKchfahIexjSSM=w150-h101-rw external image jAGGXqgykcPIk_yEIkFmdp1Z8AG7LQNmW9Zdn1tQazzDd4D3AAsUdBfleC34ZxNtWBpszk8JN_JxrYo=w150-h99-rw external image AT7T-u5nJsR2Jb6wcSzkbPukmObx4cCEJBC4z0CBPJfLrhmc2BJukmPgQnqulR2Sa286P4A9lqEW600=w150-h99-rw external image TkjUZ3ls9EEedXDSk9vIeO6YmiSGhCGnsZTk1UKMcwDJc9CX7pnZBxn-mMaPlFv4UWxdVSC6-20XvwM=w150-h99-rw
external image VypFgkcwmuS7gsSOolFrv_T9g9WrWQHn7CLZ_oy6enig_PoaEfgbm33LYllemRZRPlHbiR7zRV6EfQo=w150-h99-rw external image UsaxMyKH1Ikq30E6vGXJvnY-gOIFFND2VPUaHfVWz4W0lFgCw4tXXAHGuoLUr0MjJfq-qgUzzvD0680=w150-h99-rw external image 8iUSAoI5KT1FUFJ7lAgws-xZAEMEtXTBhKNVjN4M8LEtdJ22S42doYlpQRbEw07R2wxk364hY_OFWm0=w150-h99-rw external image 5A8W6ik7b13rzkXESgAPsU4t9OTeqT5zITGgdv4fA57lRs-R-vkNjWzeuG6cIlhWP3v05oAiTICp0tk=w150-h101-rw external image nCl2k3iVGjzYpinSwo3mn-Cd3lL0PfEMQUWb0o1Fck0yvXn5Q0s0RSkWEZAl6mafajILl5km9WpL2is=w150-h99-rw

7. Boscawen, 1928

25 Willsmere Road, Kew VIC

8. Arts and Crafts, 1928

266 Domain Road South Yarra, Vic 3141

9. Arts and Crafts, Vaucluse, 1920s

18 Vaucluse Road, Vaucluse, NSW

10. Fintry 1930s

101 Victoria Road, Bellevue Hill NSW

The inspirational founder of the mamamia, Mia Freedman and her husband, Jason Lavigne may have bought the six bedroom, Fintry in Bellevue Hill.
  • Fintry, the starkly white exterior home with Blainey North interiors sits on a 1,368 square metre block.
  • No official sale price has yet emerged, but Title Tattle gleans buyers were being told around $12.5 million was required to secure the trophy home. It came up for sale in 2012 with $15 million hopes.
  • The couple have apparently even moved in recently, under licence, after signing what Title Tattle gleans was a put and call purchasing option.
It last traded at $10.2 million in late 2007 - pre-global financial crisis through estate agent Brad Pillinger - in a sale which was described as fully-priced.
  • There was apparently subsequently a $1 million renovation that saw the addition of a salt water infinity-edge pool that overlooks Lachlan Murdoch’s compound, along with extensive interior and exterior refurbishments while maintaining the original house footprint.
  • It was briefly available at $6750 a week last year by vendor, Somna Kumar who had bought the Victoria Road property (pictured below before renovation) from the McWilliam family.
  • Somna Kumar and her partner, Macquarie banker Joseph Jayaraj are now London-based.


The McWilliam family had bought it from the Heinze family in 1995 for $2.06 million through Raine & Horne Double Bay agent Bill Hall.
  • It had been longtime home of the late conductor Sir Bernard Heinze, complete with miniature 12-seat theatre fitted out by his son Adrian with Capitol Theatre furnishings.
  • It had been bought in 1957 for 22,000 pounds by Sir Bernard and his wife, Lady (Valerie) Heinze following his move from Melbourne to succeed Sir Eugene Goossens at the NSW Conservatorium.
    • Sir Bernard Heinze, the eminent musician and director of the NSW State Conservatorium of Music, having moved to Sydney with his wife, Valerie, Lady Heinze, from Melbourne, where he was a conductor of the Royal Melbourne Philharmonic Society.
    • Sir Bernard Heinze was one of the great figures of Australian music, and his wife, Valerie, was the daughter of Sir David Hennessey, Lord Mayor of Melbourne, and Lady Hennessey.
  • An offer of $12 million was rejected last year by the vendor, London-based Macquarie banker Joseph Jayaraj, and his wife, Somna Kumar.
  • The Victoria Road property has been renovated with interiors by designer Blainey North since it last traded for a peak price of $10.2 million in 2007 when sold by Seven Network commercial director Bruce McWilliam and his wife, Nicky.
  • The Victoria Road property has been renovated with interiors by designer Blainey North.
    who died in 1982,
    • Heinze lived at the grand inter-war bungalow until he died in 1982, having added a lavish eight-seat theatre to the property furnished from the Capitol Theatre.
  • It was sold by the Heinze family estate in 1995 to the McWilliams for a little more than $2 million

Set among Sydney´s most prestigious hillside dress-circle residences, the 1930s Fintry comes with panoramic north-easterly harbour, district and ocean views.
  • It was marketed through Sotheby's International as having glamorous decor fusing the splendour of times gone by with the modern convenience.
  • It comes with grand entrance foyer, high ornate ceilings, parquetry floors, original fireplaces and wood-panelled walls.
  • Mia Freedman seemingly fell in love with the house at least six months ago given she posted pictures on pinterest well before word of the legalities started emerging.
  • The entrepreneurial independent digital media couple have lived elsewhere in Bellevue Hill since paying $3,175,000 in 2004. It was briefly listed in 2008 with $4.4 million hopes before being withdrawn from sale.
    • More than 650,000 people a month visit Mamamia, the Good Weekend's Jane Cadzow advised.

11. Storybook Tudor, South Yarra, 1930s

11 Alexandra Avenue South Yarra

12. 1930s Redlands,

174 Oxley Drive, Mittagong

Redlands, the landmark Tudor-style home at Mittagong, has been sold for $2.35 million by Maxine Klumper through Cameron McKillop at McKillop Property, in conjunction with McGrath Estate Agents. Redlands was John Hewson’s first home in the Highlands, costing $106,000 in 1977.
  • Hewson has an ongoing love of all things Tudor. His first home in the Highlands was Redlands, also Tudor-style and in Sorenson gardens, which he bought for $106,000 in 1977 and sold for $380,000 in 1985, just before he became the Liberal Party leader.

13. 1930s Stockbroker Tudor

5 Pibrac Avenue, Warrawee NSW

14. Coppins, 1935

Telegraph Road, Pymble NSW

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