Corinya, 8 Taylor Street, Wangaratta, Victoria


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Corinya – a home of the Callander family
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A stunning piece of history to Wangaratta and now offered for sale for the first time in 25 years.
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November 2014: For Sale for $685,000: The listing:
  • Circa 1908 (Federation/Edwardian Period) and Federation Queen Anne architecture
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  • this premier property on almost 1 acre within the centre of the West End is truly rare.
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  • Rich in history (see below) and commanding in size
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  • with 14 rooms featuring 6 bedrooms (including maids bedroom), formal sitting room (parlour), breathtaking full size billiard room, 2 bathrooms and 3 toilets, store room and 4 car garage.
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  • Beautiful period features include 10 verandahs, pressed metal ceilings, 8 fire places, 12-16 ceilings and expansive gardens.
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  • This landmark property presents a very unique and special opportunity.

Not to be confused with Carinya, Wangaratta:

Early Victorian Historic House
The historic homestead “Carinya’ built in 1880 which is now a guesthouse

Home For Sale Wangaratta Victoria
Home For Sale Wangaratta Victoria

Home For Sale Wangaratta Victoria
Home For Sale Wangaratta Victoria

Real Estate For Sale Wangeratta

2328 Beechworth Road, TARRAWINGEE, 3678, VIC

Land Size:
1.5 Acres
House Size:
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Semi Rural Lifestyle Property
Carinya is a substantial and unique historic property, with original stables still intact. Situated on 1.5 acres with potential for sub-division.